Damini Sharma

My name is Damini Sharma and I am currently pursuing BA+MA Clinical Psychology from Amity University. I did a one-month internship program at Dwarka Clinic of Psychowellness Center under the supervision of Dr (Prof) RK Suri and Miss Sudipta Das. Along with basics and ethics of therapy and counselling, I learnt so much in terms of assessment, scoring and interpretation of both objective and projective tests. The psychologist and counsellors take their time to explain all the little details about the case (with utmost confidentiality) and any other doubt that I had.

I would highly recommend Psychowellness Center for all students who are planning a career in the field of Psychology.


As part of my University curriculum, I had to do an internship. A quick Google search got me Psychowellness Center. I am glad I found this place as I not only could complete my college requirements but also got a wholesome experience in the field of psychology. Under the guidance of RK Suri Sir and Sudipta ma’am, I had the opportunity to observe how a counseling session takes place, assist in assessments and understand the ethics of a psychological help center. I had great time learning in such a supportive environment. Thank you Psychowellness Center! I would suggest anybody who is looking for exposure and experience in the field of psychology to come to Psychowellness Center.


I was an intern at the Psycho wellness Center for about a month as it is I was doing an intership for the first time. The experience I got at the Centre was quite fascinating and great, the experience was enough to mould me as I will get advance in my career, providing ample of knowledge in my subject . The warm and friendly atmosphere provided at the working hours was an add on. Moreover I plan on interning at the Psyhchowellness Center again.

Mehak Gandhi

I am Mehak Gandhi, a student of BA(H) Applied Psychology at Amity University. As I was required to do an internship, I joined Psychowellness Center. My 15day internship experience was amazing as I learnt more about the field of psychology and a hands-on experience about the working of a clinic. The guidance of Prof(Dr) RK Suri and Sudipta ma’am was insightful. The working environment at Psychowellness Center is very motivating and full of positive energy. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an wholesome experience.