Know more about Psycho Wellness Center & Divinity Clinic

Psycho wellness Center & Divinity Clinic is a comprehensive mental health wellness clinic. We provide counseling and treatment for any kind of psychological or psychiatric issue.

Our team is comprised of psychologists, psychiatrists and life coach, each of whom has significant experience and specialization in tackling issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, child behavioral or development issues, addiction, career related difficulties, obsession etc.

Our clinic is in Dwarka New Delhi and in addition, all our therapists also provide online counseling through video and audio consultations. All our therapists, based out of New Delhi, are trained to provide consultation. Clients can choose among therapists, schedule appointments and have consultations & sessions at clinic.


Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a mental health leader in providing quality, accessible and integrated mental and physical health services, delivered with dedication and compassion.

Our mission is to provide mental health & holistic wellbeing to our valued clients, by providing different forms of treatment, maintaining a healthier lifestyle, finding support groups and adopting methods of relaxation techniques thereby helping their mental health issues.

Our Values


We advocate for those we serve through enhanced collaborations, community relations and political action.


We provide services with respect and professionalism


We work with integrity and transparency, setting a moral compass for the agency.


We are effective stewards of our resources for our clients and our agency’s health.


We are committed to excellence in all programming and services.