New COVID Mutant-s Impact on Children: All Questions Answered

New COVID Mutant-s Impact on Children: All Questions Answered


During the first wave of Covid-19 children were safe but a new second wave of covid is proving to be bad for children. It is affecting children badly and this is really scary.  According to doctors, the new mutant is stronger and smarter in its attack.


This new variant is said to easily pass immune systems and anti-bodies that can be harmful to kids. Also, kids can become carriers if found positive to other family members in this second wave.


Considering the concerns of parents here are the answers to queries of parents about all the how what and why?


Why kids are catching Covid-19  viruses this time?


Experts say that fewer ACE receptors present in children which is why the earlier virus was not getting attached to kids. But the new variant has more strength to attach itself to ACE receptors. This is the reason why this time children are at high risk of getting infected.


How infectious is the virus for kids?


According to current stats and patterns, kids are getting normal cold symptoms only if they are positive. Except for a few it's attacking in form of normal cough and cold. So it is advisable to seek medical attention quickly if you notice any cold symptoms in your kids.


Can kids be carriers?


Questions like this are still unanswerable because it depends upon a kid's immune system. If a kid's immune system is robust enough it will not prove to be a carrier. But if not then chances of mutations are high.


Which age group kids are more affected?


The only answer which doctors or experts give to this question is covid doesn’t differentiate in age. It can attack kids and adults. Any age child can get infected, in fact, newborn babies are found to be born covid positive this time if the mother is infected. The only difference is kids with a low immune system have chances of getting severe complications due to covid including MIS-C.


What to do if the Child is found covid positive?


If a child is found positive take you have to be cautious. Isolate them properly and make them understand to take necessary precautions. If any grandparents are there in the family separate them to other floors or distant rooms to avoid spread in them. Use double masks whenever you are with your child if you are not infected.


How to protect kids from the virus?


Do not expose yourself and your kids. This is the only best measure to protect kids and even yourself. Ask your kids to not touch things unnecessarily and wash hands at certain intervals. Make habit of wearing a mask always in case they are going out. In the case of infants and toddler best way is no exposure unless it’s urgent.


 About MIS-C impact?


Multisystem – Inflammatory syndrome can impact kids suffered from Covid. Currently, the risk of MIS-C is low. Common signs of MIS-C are breathlessness, body ache, fatigue. If you notice any symptoms in your kid seek medical attention immediately.


Taking care of children Mental health?


It’s hard for kids to stay at home always. This can make them irritating and annoying. The situation of staying indoors and taking such precautions can impact kids' mental health. So it is important for parents to keep children engaged in some activities at home.


Make kids understand the situation in a way that they don’t get scared. Answer their queries politely. And engage with them in activities.


Bottom line:


The current situation is bad for all: kids and adults. So take precautions and avoid going out unnecessarily. Stay safe. Stay positive.



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