Psychowellness Center is a comprehensive mental health wellness clinic specializes in offering a comprehensive range of psychology services like ADHD treatment, , anxiety counseling, depression counseling, OCD counseling, child and adolescent treatment, personality disorders treatment, sexual dysfunction treatment, how to control anger - anger management and more to individuals of all ages.

Whether you need psychological assessment, or you need treatment for an existing condition, you can bank on us. Our certified practicing psychologists have the required skills and training to offer you effective psychology services.

Our psychologists strive to deliver the best treatment that will make a difference in your life.Psychowellness Center professionals are experts in providing Cognitive behavior therapy, occupational therapy, hypnotherapy, recreational therapy and more.

Along with the core services, counselling and therapies for Mental health issues, Psychowellness Centre also provides Psychotherapy, Psychological assessments to observing various behaviours and intervention centre for early childhood and adolescent. Childrens' related issues like Autism, ADHD, Speech Disorder, Learning Disabilities and Poor School Performance are teated with the help of best counsellors and child specialists.



We excel in providing a full range of psychotherapy services which is offered by licensed and practicing psychologists who are skilled with various therapeutic approaches including: Acceptance & commitment therapy, behaviour therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, holistic therapy, humanistic therapy and psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies.

We offer our psychotherapy services in a safe, clinical setting.

Our team of certified psychologists offers the following psychotherapy services:


Psychological Assessment

We offer a range of psychological assessment services. Our practicing psychologists make use of a variety of techniques and tools to conduct psychological assessment including clinical interviews, observations, tests and consultation with other professionals.

We offer the following types of psychological assessment services:

Intervention Center for Early Childhood & Adolescent