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“Welcome! I’m glad you stopped by. My name is Dr(Prof) R.K Suri, veteran chartered clinical Psychologist, Life Coach Mentor, Marriage & Relationship Counselor. My team of therapists comprise of professional psychologists, psychiatrists, developmental educationists. Our goal is to provide help to our clients. No matter what you’re going through, stress, depression, anxiety, or issues in your relationships. There is a HOPE! You are not the ONLY ONE. Please contact us for help!


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Comfortable Relaxed Clinic

The ambience of Psycho-wellness Center has been designed to provide you with safe, quiet, and comfortable environment where you can feel relaxed while processing your concerns and learning how to improve your life.

Qualified Therapist & Doctors

Dr(Prof) R K  Suri and his team of well trained mental health professionals in Delhi can provide you with the latest treatments on various psychological issues and conditions.

Customized & Compassionate Support

Our therapists and staff assesses your needs and create a treatment plan most appropriate for you. We have customized & compassionate treatment plans best suited for your needs and treatment goals.

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  • Worth visit at centre. It was very helpful. Doctors are very friendly in nature and they are good human beings. I advice others to contact them for any kind of psychological issue.

  • Therapy has helped me to get over a really sad phase of my life. I have learnt to deal with my depressive feelings. I have especially realised the importance of regular sessions, as interacting with my therapist regularly has helped me to maintain the gains I obtain from therapy.

  • I had an amazing session with my therapist and I am extremely thankful to Doctor and the Psychowellness center & Divinity clinic customer support team for helping me feel better. The therapist addressed my concerns and I could feel the difference in just one session itself.