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An Overview

Self-confidence, an internal state of mind, can describe the attitudes and beliefs people hold regarding their abilities and strengths. How to build self confidence is a common search term because being confident is first thing to achieve success. People who have strong self esteem are confident about what they want to achieve, what they want to do and have a strong control over their lives. Self-confident people generally trust in their abilities, their power, and their judgment. Self Confidence is an Important Key to Success. It is a combination of a state of mind and a strong feeling of self-belief which is commonly used when one needs self-assurance especially in one's personal judgment, power, ability etc. Know your self confidence type so that you can work upon that.

Different Between Self-Confidient/Low Self-confidient

How to Build Self Confidence

Cultivating a Good Attitude

  • Identify your negative thoughts.
  • Turn your negative thoughts to positive thoughts
  • Refuse to focus on negative thoughts more often than positive thoughts.
  • Maintain a positive support network.
  • Eliminate reminders of your negativity.
  • Identify your talent.
  • Take pride in yourself.
  • Accepts Compliments gracefully.

Dealing with Emotions

  • Be comfortable with fear.
  • Be patient with yourself.
  • Strive for balance.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Bounce back from your mistakes.
  • Practice gratitude.

Practicing Self-Care

  • Take care of yourself.
  • Put care into your appearance.
  • Exercise Regularly.
  • Sleep Well.
  • Positive affirmation.
  • Rewards and support.

Setting Goals and Taking Risks

  • Set small and achievable goals.
  • Embrace the unknown.
  • Address your perceived areas for improvement.
  • Seek to help others.


1. People with low Self-confident

A person who is talented but is not able to do the task ,can be termed as lack of confidence or low confident level. The parson will avoid taking risks, hesitates to stretch himself and may not try anything.

2. People with over self-confident.

When it comes to over confident people – The person takes too much risk, stretch himself beyond his capabilities, never takes others suggestion and thinks that he is the only person capable to do it. These kinds of people will have self-conceit too.

3. People with factual of self-confident

Right amount of confident is important for true success. You may know that you are optimistic but don’t try harder. First, know your reality and your true ability then have a right amount of self-confidence, now take a cognizant risks, stretch yourself but not away from your ability and try hard to succeed.

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