I had an amazing session with my therapist and I am extremely thankful to therapist and Psychowellness center customer support team for helping me feel better. The therapist addressed my concerns and I could feel the difference in just one session itself.

Deepti (Name changed)

I went to this psychological clinic because of my shyness and social anxiety. My sessions were useful as I could talk about things that I couldn’t discuss with family, friends or almost anyone. Their assistance was of vital importance.

Rohan (Name changed)

At first, I was a little hesitant to meet with a psychologist because of negative past experiences, but intelligence and compassion of your therapists made me trust them without hesitation. They did a great job and helped me a lot.

Rajesh (Name changed)

Thank you! You helped me with my panic attacks and anxiety I had for a long time. Now I’m feeling alive again. I really appreciate what you have done! Without your support I may possibly have given up and maybe have lost my job.

Prateek (Name changed)


Worth visit at centre. It was very helpful. Doctors are very friendly in nature and they are good human beings. I advice others to contact them for any kind of psychological issue.

Saurav (Name changed)

We’ve had a lot of financial troubles over the years; loss of physical health, job and bankruptcy. Your coaching gave us hope and a new sense of vision so we can create our lives together. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us!

Saloni (Name changed)

The counselling session with Dr. was very good. He understood my problem to the core and now i will try to change my prespective towadrs life.

Gaurav (Name changed)

My counelling session was very enriching.It helped me to know where exactly i was stuck.thank you Dr.

Pramod(Name changed)