Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism

Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism


Consuming alcohol on a regular basis harms your day to day life. It has its effects on different people in different ways. Some may enjoy it others may don’t. Taking alcohol in moderation is not a problem both in social settings and in personal life. When you take it excessively it becomes a problem and you never know that your excessive intake can become a problem for you and others.


There are two terms that are used interchangeably for people who consume alcohol on a regular basis; they are alcohol abuse and alcoholism. They come under alcohol dependency. Both the term indicate a problem and have a negative impact on your day to day life. But there is a difference between the two and when you realize that there is a difference, it will help you understand the relationship you are having with alcohol. It will also help you out in understanding whether you are in need of a treatment to overcome it or not so that you can live a happy and healthy life.


Alcohol Abuse


Alcohol abuse is a kind of mild Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). As described by the American psychological association, “it is a disorder which usually results in some serious and repeated negative consequences.” People who abuse alcohol may have continuous problems with their relationships, law or they are not able to hold a good job or even a job because they are habitual of drinking. They know that they are having problems in the areas but they keep on alcohol abuse and as a result, they have some long-term issues with their physical and mental health. They both are affected.


According to the CDC, they come under the category of occasional drinkers or consistent heavy drinkers. Occasional drinkers are the men who have taken 5 or more drinks in less than two hours or women who have taken 4 or more drinks in less than two hours.  Consistent heavy drinkers are the men who have taken 15 or more than 15 drinks in a week and women who have taken 8 or more than 8 drinks in a week. The main thing here is that it is having an effect on your physical and mental health and frequency doesn’t matter.




It is a chronic disease in which the person is physically and psychologically dependent on alcohol. In this stage, they need to drink alcohol if they want to function effectively. Signs that you are alcohol dependent:


  • Alcohol tolerance is there: In order to get the previous effects, you need to take more in number. There is a need for an increase in alcohol because you are not able to get the same effects, relaxation, and feelings with the same quantity which you used to have earlier. For example, earlier you were having two or three but now the same effect is given by five or six drinks.


  • There are withdrawal symptoms: Even after a short period when you are not having any drinks, there are physical symptoms like insomnia, mood swings, and tremors. In more severe cases there are symptoms like seizures and hallucinations.


  • There is compulsion: There are some cravings to drink alcohol even when you don’t want to take it. Long term alcoholism can result in some serious diseases like cancer and heart diseases.


Connection Between Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism


As said by CDC that around 90% of people who abuse alcohol do not fall under the category of alcoholism or alcohol use disorder. But they are at an increased risk for developing the same.


Although alcoholism is also impacted by certain environmental and hereditary factors, when it is left untreated it can lead to severe alcohol addiction.


Symptoms Of Alcohol Use


  • There is stammering speech.
  • Reflexes are getting slow.
  • There is a decreased ability to control bodily movements.
  • There are concentration difficulties.
  •  There are gaps in your memory.
  • Decision-making abilities become poor in nature.
  • Some risky behavior is involved.
  • There is a complete blackout of the memories you had.


Symptoms Of Alcohol Abuse


  • You are drinking to make yourself relaxed.
  • There are a lot of family problems and there are problems with friends also.
  • You are neglecting your responsibilities.
  • You may be having some legal issues because of alcohol intake.


Symptoms Of Alcoholism


  • There is a strong desire to drink.
  • You are not able to control your craving for alcohol.
  • You are not able to stop your drinking.
  • You have developed an increase in tolerance level for alcohol.
  • You are lying about alcohol.
  • You are attempting to drink alcohol and don’t show it to others or make sure that others should not know about that.
  • You are not able to get through daily activities without drinking.


Treatment For Alcoholism


Treatment includes stopping them from taking alcohol and this may help you to learn new ways to overcome it. Treatment for alcohol abuse includes therapy, medications, learning some coping skills, and finding some healthy ways to cope with stress.


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