19 Ideas on how to stay safe from Covid-19 while resuming back

19 Ideas on how to stay safe from Covid-19 while resuming back


As the unlock has begun and now we all will be resuming back to our normal life day by day but COVID 19 is still prevailing so we have to be careful and adopt some new daily checks in our lifestyle like wearing a mask, sanitizing hands and other things at regular intervals and, maintaining proper hygiene.


According to health professionals here some points are discussed which are very helpful in ensuring our personal safety amid COVID-19 spread. Please find them below,

  1. Sanitize your vehicle which you are using while commuting to the office, coming back from office, and going anywhere.
  2. Always wear a mask before leaving home.
  3. Either use disposable masks or wash your re-usable mask regularly using good detergent.
  4. Always keep sanitizer with yourself.
  5. Your sanitizer must contain at least 75% of alcohol and should be government approved.
  6. Use gloves while going to places like vegetable market, grocery stores, etc. Do you find yourself scared in going out thinking you might get infected, talk about your concerns and fears with Dr. R.K. Suri, clinical psychologist with more than 36 years of experience (CLICK HERE)
  7. If you are not using hand gloves, then make sure to wash your hands after touching anything.
  8. Wash your hands for at-least 20s covering finger-tip to the wrist at regular intervals.
  9. If you are working on a computer/laptop, then sanitize your keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals before starting your work.
  10. Maintain proper distance while interacting with your colleagues.
  11. Try to undergo thermal scanning regularly if possible.
  12. Use the Arogya setu app to track Covid-19 status in your neighborhood.
  13. While using the Arogya setu app, always turn-on the Internet, Bluetooth and location in your phone to track Covid-19 patients easily.  Check our 16 tips to stay mentally fit during COVID 19
  14. Check and refer only government-provided data/websites and do not rely on rumors and fake news.
  15. Always follow guidelines provided by Ayush Ministry.
  16. Take proper diet and eat fruits that are rich in vitamin-c to boost immunity (8 foods you must include in your diet to boost immunity).
  17. Do pranayama, yoga, and meditation to boost up your immunity.
  18. Always follow the advice of well-known doctors.
  19. Bath or take a shower after coming back from the office.

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