Are you doing right parenting ?

Are you doing right parenting ?


Struggling to become good parent?


In this busy lifestyle routine people face many challenges and one important challenge which I see parents facing is “Good parenting”. I have seen many parents who come up to me seeking good parenting advice or scrolling over internet in search of good parenting. As it is said, first school of a child is home and first teacher is parent so I will not deny the fact that good parenting is matter of concern for most parents today.


First I would like to clear that in parenting as a whole not only the biological parents come but all family members like grandparents, uncle, aunt and siblings play important role. Yes major role is played by biological parents but in absence of parents these other family members are responsible in raising a child so what I feel is who so ever raise a child should take care of parenting skills for better development of child.


Good parenting means skill of raising children in best possible way by providing both physical and mental support. As a parent you have to understand that you are responsible for behavioral, physical, mental and overall development of your child. So just to help all parents I am sharing some basic skills which every parent should adopt for good development of child:


  1. Role model:

You are first and foremost role model of your child set this thing clear in your mind. Your child will learn behavior and attitude which he/she will see you possessing. So always maintain decorum of respect towards your child and other members in family, have good attitude, show love and care.

  1. Shower love:

Every parent loves their child most in this world but loving doesn’t have to be materialistic, fulfilling each and every demand of child. Definition of love is changed, parents give so many materialistic gifts to children, fulfill their each and every demand, show no or low expectations from them this cannot be called as love.

Love is spending good time with your child, listening to them, enjoying their talk, kissing and hugging them. This embrace gives warmth and comfort to your child which helps in developing strong emotional bond with your child

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  1. Positive attitude:


Develop positive attitude in your child. Always encourage your child towards positive things in life by giving examples. Let them have negative experience and then make them learn how to be positive, how to find positivity out of negativity. This will help in developing positive approach towards any problem in your child.

  1. Discipline:

If you want to make your child disciplined you have to be disciplined first. Make them learn discipline by giving examples or telling stories. Set some limits for them to make them learn self-control. Never shout on your child if they commit any mistake or they being stubborn. I know it’s difficult to be calm always but remember shouting never gonna help but calmness will.

  1. Make them responsible:

You can teach lessons of responsibility to child by giving them some small task like any household task which they have to do daily. This will make your child responsible by developing sense of fulfilling duty and commitment and this is the first step towards a successful future.

  1. Don’t be helicopter parent:

There are certain things which a child ought to by themselves like changing clothes, doing homework, setting up toys etc. Don’t do things which your child can do by themselves or which they are learning to do by themselves.

  1. Develop social skills:

Make your children social by teaching them to connect with others. Teach them to greet elders in house, everyone who comes to your home and their friends. Teach them sharing, adjusting, cooperating and helping.

Follow these ideas for better and good parenting for your child I know you can do it. Adopt these skills and see your child becoming responsible, disciplined and positive.


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