Breakup Counselling : (PART: 2)

Breakup Counselling : (PART: 2)


The Relationship Counselling Process (Session) Structure


  • Taking History & analysis of issues

Breakup therapy  aims to understand the key issues, gravity of the situation and severity of emotions. It focuses on developing a trusting relation and fostering an assurance & confidence with your therapist that you are not alone in this journey, you have reliable person to guide you through the challenging phase of life.

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  • Managing With Emotional Challenges

Tackling overwhelming and challenging depressive emotions & sentiments that we have to fight vigorously yet does not show up in our control. We positively know this isn’t the way we have to feel and control the situation anyway that feeling of helplessness and weakness outperforms us. So relationship counselling or relationship advice makes us grasp on horrendous days where we feel at our most lessened, how we deal oversee ourselves, our emotions or sentiments and the memories that run with a different over a breakup.

  • Accepting Truth

Catastrophe of breakup isn’t without a doubt difficult to adapt to particularly when we have this entire parcel of negative and sad feelings overpowering us. Anyway keeping in mind the end goal to create emotional wellbeing prosperity and development, consulting a relationship counselor is essential to be reasonable with ourselves by assessing good and bad, giving ourselves a similar advantage of uncertainty that we would offer others and it starts with acceptance.

  • Moving Forward(on)

A relationship breakup is a disastrous experience and carries alongside it gigantic suffering. Through relationship counselling we investigate approaches to move mindfully on the grounds that one misfortune ought not to prompt numerous more misfortunes i.e. relationship was one a part of life, throughout everyday life, not the whole life. Taking responsibility of different parts of life and moving forward with positive self-esteem is a definitive objective of counselling.

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  • Follow Up

Follow up session to see how every session objectives & goals have impacted  me and how well I am managing misfortune/void/loss/emptiness. As managing breakup is a procedure thus there may be days where we believe we are starting over, consequently follow up sessions are required to manage such days.

Breakup Counseling Outcome

  • Catharsis- release of pent up emotions
  • Practice forgiveness & express gratitude
  • Effective management  of thoughts and emotions
  • Feeling better – more relaxed, confident or peaceful
  • Staying in charge of other aspects of life
  • Understanding  healthy coping mechanisms
  • Acceptance and moving-on in a good spirit
  • Most importantly loving and respecting yourself for dealing with such a challenging experience                                                                                                                                    If you are under going breakup take benefit of breakup counseling by visiting good psychologist. Also Psychowellnesscenter has best psychologist in delhi who understand the pain you are going through and can help you well in getting back to normal life.