Top 5 Symptoms Of Sexual Dysfunction

Top 5 Symptoms Of Sexual Dysfunction


Many people seem to be very uncomfortable when they are talking about erection problems or are discussing sexual dysfunction even with the medical practitioner. But there is no other alternative left for the person rather than consulting a specialist if he is encountering any such problems. The sexual dysfunction in the case of both the males and the females are different. It is a specific condition whether either of the partners loses their interest in conducting sexual intercourse with each other. This loss of lust for sex is referred to as libido. Because of this loss of interest in sex, the other partner does not get the pleasure and satisfaction which often makes him or her irritated. It has been categorized into four different categories which include sexual desire disorders, arousal disorders, orgasm disorders, and pain disorders.

 Some common symptoms and types of female sexual dysfunction are:

  • Reduced Libido: A lack of sex drive is a distressful experience for both partners involved. If the problem persists, you shouldn’t ignore it and act promptly.
  • Vaginal Dryness: If persistent arousal results in vaginal dryness, it’s a warning sign you must not ignore.
  • Painful Intercourse: A lot of women experience pain during intercourse which increases with time if it is left ignores.
  • Sexual arousal problems: If you have difficulty sustaining arousal during intercourse, you might be suffering from a dysfunction.
  • Orgasm Disorder: If you are experiencing recurring difficulty in achieving orgasm, even after persistent stimulation, you may be suffering from orgasmic disorder.

As far as the best sexologist in west delhi is concerned, the specialist physicians would usually recommend for the physical as well as the psychological procedures. He can also both the methods together if he feels that the patient requires so. The psychological process will usually prove useful if the concerned person does not have an organic reason leading to erectile dysfunction. It generally involves counseling as well as psychological support to change the behavioral condition of the patient. The psychiatrist might take the help of a psychologist in this regard. When the doctor asks about your past especially focusing on sexual intercourse please not hesitate to disclosing the information about it. If you tend to conceal the facts, you will not get the appropriate treatment and the problem may reoccur again.

Other are…

The couple has to cooperate with each other. If your partner is facing the problem talk to him or her and boost the confidence. You should be very careful about going for sexual intercourse during the periods. You need to open up and talk more freely about the problem. Strictly follow your doctor’s advice. You have to quit smoking under all circumstances and also limit your alcohol intake. The best Sexual Dysfunction Counselling in Delhi is conducted safely and securely. The issue is not disclosed to anybody. Some common medicines such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra may be helpful too.