Exploring the Benefits of Geriatric Counseling

Exploring the Benefits of Geriatric Counseling


It is obvious that having mental health counseling from a trained therapist can benefit most people, especially the elderly. Sadly, receiving mental health counseling during one's final year is occasionally overlooked. While there are many amazing benchmarks and achievements in old age, there can also be challenges.

Major life issues frequently arise for aging citizens. You or a loved one may no longer be able to maintain independence in things like food shopping, cleaning, or even living alone. In more severe situations, a medical diagnosis, such as a mental health issue, may present symptoms and general life challenges.

Consider speaking with a geriatric Mental health counselor if you or a loved one is having some mental health issues. Seniors are less likely to receive mental health care than younger ones, despite the fact that young people still struggle with the stigma associated with mental illness. This may be because older people tend to be more private with their feelings and keep any mental health issues to themselves. Please be aware that it can take some time for your family member or friend to comprehend the advantages of speaking to a senior therapist if you are attempting to get mental health care for a loved one.

Simply said, geriatric counseling refers to mental health services for persons 65 and older. Everyone ages, but it's not an easy process. Aging naturally causes a number of cognitive and physical changes. These life changes may have a negative and significant impact on how you live, which may influence your overall happiness and sense of fulfillment. You may find that tasks you once found straightforward, including cooking and shopping are suddenly difficult for you to perform alone.

Many people might believe that getting older means losing one's independence. There are several situations that could force you or a loved one to depend on others, from health concerns to physical limitations.

This can make you feel bad. Fortunately, geriatric mental health counselors are available to assist you or a loved one in navigating and managing these emotions while also positioning you for success in your day-to-day activities.

Senior mental health counselors are available to help you or a loved one navigate life's later obstacles as you approach retirement. The majority of people typically start to accept their life decisions in their senior years. You can search for the Best psychologist delhi or the Therapists in delhi.

The following are some topics that senior mental health counseling can cover:

  • Thoughts about mortality¬†

  • Grief over the loss of relationships with friends, family, and other people.

  • Grappling with unresolved issues and relationships

  • Diagnosis of a serious illness

  • Surgery and the recovery process

  • Worries regarding future generations (e.g. children, grandchildren, etc.)

  • Financial insecurity

  • Loss of mobility, hearing, or vision

  • Regrets


  • Psycho educational geriatric counseling might be helpful for older persons who are dealing with mental health problems.

  • These people can learn more about their disease and how to manage it with the aid of this kind of counseling.

  • Additionally, psycho educational geriatric counseling can be helpful for older persons who have a family member who is struggling with a mental health issue.

  • Families can learn more about the disease and how to support a loved one who is having difficulty from this kind of counseling.

Motivate yourself or loved ones to make positive changes

Contrary to popular opinion, a person's advanced age does not automatically rule out the possibility of transformation. As long as they are committed, people can change at any time in their lives! Given such, it is clear why some people can grow too accustomed to unhealthy lifestyle choices.

There are always actions you can take to manage aspects of the situation that are in your power, even when other struggles, like dealing with the symptoms of a terminal illness, may be beyond one's control.

Managing grief and loss

Loss becomes more often as you or a loved one ages due to the aging process. There are various losses that can happen, whether it be the death of a friend, sibling, spouse, or parent, which can inevitably lead to sadness. Loss may grow more frequent, but that does not imply it becomes any less difficult.

One of the finest ways to process your grief is via therapy. Some people can be reluctant to express their genuine emotions out of concern that they would burden others, but when working with a grieving therapist, this is no longer a concern!

Long-lasting grief can adversely harm your emotional health if left addressed. You can express your feelings, process your emotions, and create healthy coping strategies in therapy to help you deal with your loss.

Adjusting to life transitions

There are transitions in every stage of life. Despite the fact that these changes are never easy, seniors often have more difficulties because they may lose their independence.

Retirement is a significant adjustment that occurs as people age. This may have an effect on both your daily activities and social life. After taking this action, some senior citizens may even relocate into retirement homes or senior living communities. Family structures can alter, and some people may find it difficult to leave the house and interact with other elders due to physical limitations.

It can be challenging to handle positive changes, such as the birth of a grandchild. People who are accustomed to a particular way of life may find it difficult to make any kind of adjustment. You can discuss these changes in therapy without fear of criticism while also learning how to manage your new normal.

Overall, senior citizens can benefit much from mental health counseling. To seek the assistance of a Geriatric counselor, you or a loved one need not be experiencing a mental health crisis or have a mental health problem. Seek help from a Counseling psychologist or find the Best psychologist in India. There are numerous reasons why an elderly person could go to therapy. You or a loved one can improve your mental, emotional, and physical health by meeting with a therapist or Online counselor who specializes in geriatric mental health.

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Contribution: Dr (Prof) R K Suri, Clinical Psychologist, life coach & mentor TalktoAngel & Ms.Aditi Bhardwaj, Psychologist.