Exploring the Difference Between Reel Life and Real Life

Exploring the Difference Between Reel Life and Real Life


Reel life is an online representation of an edited and filtered version of reality. It is an aspect of the User's life that is consciously made available to their respective audience and made public.

Real life is the non-fictional, imperfect portion of our lives that we portray. It embraces reality as opposed to social media's "reel-ness."

Strangely, we distinguish between the two while also confusing them. We must read the article and gain more knowledge in order to comprehend the contrast between the reel and the real on social media. 

Real life vs. Reel life: its human nature to have expectations from life, but it's impossible to fulfill all of them in reality. On the other hand, most expectations are met in movies.

Lack of a separation between a person's real life and their reel life, as well as a failure to recognize this separation, have contributed to a variety of psychological and mental health problems in people, including Anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, unhappy relationships, and even suicide. Seek support from the Best psychologist in India or Counseling psychologist. You can even search for the Best psychologist delhi

Real life is very different from reel life, which is stressful with constant problems; reel life is always glossy, appealing, colorful, and devoid of the harsh realities of life. In reality, man seeks out the glamorous film life in order to escape these harsh realities of life, where he finds some mental comfort and can, at the very least, forget about daily issues for a short while.

Real life involves working in the world as it is where we must essentially face everything. On the other hand, reel life, is a life that looks like it came from a movie, where anything is possible. The real world is the world in which everything is confronted head-on. Where you can actually feel what is going on in front of you. If we refer to the internet or web as a virtual world, it means that you can communicate with people there, but not directly; you must use the internet as a medium. 

Perhaps no one is present when you express your thoughts or feelings, but he or she can respond to you later when he or she is online, in the virtual world. 

In the virtual world, you cannot see or touch people directly, and you are not physically connected to them. The real world and the virtual world differ greatly.

Use of social media can have a subtle negative effect on mental health. Knowing when to log off or take a break from social media is a more healthy way to use it to avoid its negative effects. Instead of being harmful and stressful, our social media usage patterns should bring us joy. Establish rules and restrictions for your social media use. If necessary, remove social media apps from your smartphone. 

Or, perhaps set aside a certain time of day for social media interactions. When using social media responsibly, one must first take responsibility for oneself. Take advice from the Online counselor at your convenience.

What are the signs of an excessive reel life?

It becomes challenging for most people to distinguish between their real life and the reel life they see on the screen because they are blinded by it. 

  • Having a social media Addiction or obsessively following a celebrity or influencer

  • Setting improbable objectives or demands on oneself

  • Excessive spending on identical goods or services as their real-life counterparts' celebrities

  • Not accepting one's limitations

  • Comparison that is unreasonable between one's real life and that of friends or family as represented in media.

  • Letting our on-screen persona rule our real-life persona

  • Using how we portray ourselves in real life to hide our insecurities and other flaws

What are the reel life's limitations and where does the line get drawn?

Going too far can cause problems, even though taking inspiration or setting goals while observing others' fabricated lives can be beneficial. When simulating real-life events or contrasting them with fictional ones, we must know when to stop.

We need to be aware of the limitations of reel life because it doesn't adequately depict people's problems in real life, their negative experiences, or who they are as people. While having goals is good, having overly high expectations based on others' idealized lives can undermine our self-esteem and cause us to fail.

In conclusion, the illusion of Reel vs. Real only exists if we can tell them apart. People who use social media frequently undervalue their own way of life while being drawn to the more privileged aspects of others' lives. The reel world does provide a platform for entertainment and recreation, so it is enjoyable and cozy. We must, however, Physical health caution when dealing with life's realities. 

It should be noted that going overboard and becoming fixated on the reel world are not qualities to be proud of. It is necessary to preserve the difference and distinctions. Sometimes the virtual world is not what it seems to be. However, it all depends on how we view the change.

Our lives are positively impacted by the social media platform. It aids in our development, enfoldments, and increased knowledge of some crucial things. It doesn't, however, impose its views or choices on us. It is up to us to maintain the appearance.

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Contribution: Dr (Prof) R K Suri, Clinical Psychologist, life coach & mentor TalktoAngel & Ms. Swati Yadav,  Psychologist.