How Couple Therapy Can Help You Find Inner Peace

How Couple Therapy Can Help You Find Inner Peace


Even though therapy has made significant progress in terms of acceptance, some couples are still hesitant to go to treatment together.

Relationship counselling is not only for couples who are having serious troubles or disagreements. Sometimes, even the healthiest and happiest people need a little help getting by in life. When we are one half of a committed marriage, there are periodically ups and downs. Even while dealing with these challenges and issues is quite typical and expected, there are instances when they might appear particularly exaggerated. Couples therapy is helpful in these situations.

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy or counselling designed to help couples find and address any disputes or issues that might be straining their relationship. Take guidance from the Best psychologist delhi or search for the Top psychologist near me.

  1. Couples Counsellor is like a sounding board

You occasionally merely require a conversation partner. When there are issues between spouses, this is quite important.

It could be as simple as having an unbiased third person listen to your problems to make you feel understood and heard.

Additionally, the therapist acts as a sounding board for ideas. Your therapist will help you decide whether making a concession or choosing another course of action is the best way to keep the relationship together.

  1. Understand your relationship dynamic better

Learning more about the underlying dynamics of a relationship is one of the most significant advantages of couples counselling.

Everybody in a partnership adds something unique to the table. It might be challenging to comprehend how each individual genuinely fits into the relationship, particularly for people who base their perception of the current dynamic on previous relationships.

Both parties can have a deeper understanding of the underlying causes that influence relationship dynamics through couples counselling. This could include the way in which each party communicates, any unfinished business, or divergent goals. Any couple, regardless of how long they have been together, can gain from having a deeper awareness of the particular dynamics in their relationship.

  1. Gain new perspectives

Attending couples counselling also makes it easier to understand alternative viewpoints.

We frequently see our relationships through a single lens, making it challenging to see alternative points of view. Arguments are only exacerbated by this. When spouses disagree on a matter, it only gets worse when one fails to consider the viewpoint of the other.

Instead, therapists are able to see this and can be useful in clarifying misunderstandings. By doing this, the conflict can be resolved once and for all, and the parties will learn to understand one another's points of view in the future.

  1. Create a safe space

The ability to give couples a secure space is one aspect that solidifies the value of couples counselling. The therapist serves as a neutral third person who is unattached to either side in the situation.

Instead of turning to friends or family members who might have a bias regarding marriage troubles, do the opposite. Instead, a couple’s therapist will offer a safe environment where both parties are welcome to express their emotions.

This becomes challenging in ordinary life rather frequently. One individual can be frightened of saying something hurtful to the other person or making things worse. The safe area may be a game-changer in this situation.

This area is also away from the house. This is crucial in cases where relationships have deteriorated significantly.

  1. Learn coping mechanisms

Even long-lasting partnerships can occasionally become difficult. These problems can get significantly worse if certain stressful situations or traumatic occurrences are involved.

The most significant obstacle to this goal is learning effective coping skills. Unfortunately, most individuals don't always understand this.

Couples who deal with stress differently may find that this becomes even worse. The situation may worsen if these approaches clash. Here's a second argument in favour of couples counselling.

The introduction of beneficial coping techniques for both partners is facilitated by couples counselling. This enables the prompt handling of emerging problems before they become more serious and destructive.

  1. Restore lost trust

This final advantage is crucial for couples who have experienced occurrences that have broken their trust. This is frequently observed in cases of infidelity or other serious lies that undermine trust, one of the cornerstones of a strong partnership.

A Couples therapist can help both partners rebuild their trust in a constructive way. This will allow the partnership to survive an incident that damages trust.

Couples won't lose faith in each other or blame each other for past conduct if there are future problems. Without the assistance of a qualified counsellor, it would be very impossible for the relationship to actually mature and move on.

A strong, loving relationship cannot be established and sustained without each individual component. Couples from all backgrounds can benefit from this particular therapeutic approach because it does not place restrictions on it. Furthermore, there are no taboo topics when using the Gottman Method when talking about marriage or relationship issues. Nothing is too contentious to be discussed, and no issue is too big to be handled, including cultural conflicts, racial and economic issues, and sexual orientation. Consult a good Marriage Counsellor or Therapist in delhi for Marriage near you to address and work on any of your relationship issues.

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Contribution: Dr (Prof) R K Suri, Clinical Psychologist, life coach & mentor TalktoAngel & Ms. Aditi Bhardwaj, Psychologist.