Importance of Group Therapy in dealing with Trauma

Importance of Group Therapy in dealing with Trauma


You might ask if attending group therapy would be beneficial when seeking treatment for PTSD (or any other psychological issue). Attending a group has many advantages, and group treatment is frequently just as beneficial as individual therapy. According to Dr(Prof) R K Suri, # 1 Clinical Psychologist & Therapist, “Trauma survivors who participate in group therapy gain new coping mechanisms while also feeling heard and supported”.He further highlights the benefits as discussed below:

1. Validation

Validation is a key benefit of group therapy. When you are in a group with people who are experiencing the same issue, you could find that you are not the only one who struggles. Additionally, you might discover that some group members are struggling to deal with the same issues, such as relationship issues, substance abuse, sleep issues, or impulsive behaviors.

Additionally, it can occasionally be challenging for someone without PTSD to comprehend what someone with PTSD is going through. They might struggle to comprehend how difficult it is to deal with memories of tragic events in the past. However, in a group situation, other PTSD sufferers could be better able to understand and validate what you are going through since they have experienced a lot of similar experiences.

2. Learning from Others

Another benefit of group therapy is the opportunity to learn from others' experiences. You can learn about the coping mechanisms that other people found to be successful and ineffective. You might discover fresh approaches to handling issues in your personal or professional relationships. You can learn about different viewpoints on your difficulties that you might not have thought of otherwise by participating in a group.

Additionally, you can profit from other people's experiences who have dealt with PTSD for a longer time or who have overcome its consequences. Additionally, simply by participating in a group, you can pick up some useful social skills. A new skill, like communication, can be practiced and tested before being applied to individuals outside of the group.

3. You can help others

Your experiences in dealing with PTSD may be helpful to other group members, just as you can learn from others via their experiences. Your sense of self-worth and confidence in your capacity to manage PTSD symptoms can both rise as a result of being able to assist others.

Additionally, studies have shown that assisting others might aid in the management of one's own anxiety.

4. Social Support

Finally, group therapy is a fantastic approach to getting other people's social support. A critical element in assisting people in overcoming the negative impacts of a traumatic incident and PTSD is finding support from others. You may have the chance to create dependable, wholesome relationships with other people in a group setting.

For many years now, group therapy has been used with trauma survivors. It was created at the same time as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which was recognized as a legitimate mental condition in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders' third edition, published in 1980.

Trauma survivors frequently receive trauma group therapy, which is regarded as an effective kind of treatment. In reality, research from 2017 reveals that group therapy has several benefits over individual therapy, including the ability to "normalize" trauma symptoms and provide participants with social support.

An 8-week trauma-focused CBT intervention for female survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV), also known as domestic abuse, was examined in a 2021 study. PTSD, anxiety, and depression are common in IPV survivors.

Trauma group treatment has many advantages. It might be:

  • Beneficial at easing the symptoms of PTSD
  • Beneficial in managing chronic symptoms
  • Less expensive than private therapy
  • A place of safety for surviving
  • A location where survivors can connect with others and feel a feeling of kinship
  • A method to aid in reducing the stigma or humiliation survivors may experience
  • A method to aid participants in regaining others' trust
  • A method for assisting people in overcoming social anxiety or phobia
  • A checking procedure
  • A method for participants to learn new coping mechanisms and self-care techniques
  • A strategy to increase the self-esteem of participants

There are many advantages to group therapy for trauma patients. In reality, research demonstrates that group treatment is not only significantly more cost-efficient than individual therapy but also just as effective.

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Contributed by: - Dr (Prof) R K SuriBest Clinical Psychologist in Delhi, NCR  &  Aditi Bhardwaj