Importance of Hand Sanitizer

Importance of Hand Sanitizer


There was a time when the supermarkets and retail shops were running out of stock for hand sanitizers as people wanted to protect themselves from the living pandemic COVID19. Due to the high demand and less availability, the prices shot high, and the time came when it was sold in black. But soon, the government regularized the prices by determining the demand and supply into the account.


Millions of people have been infected by the ominous virus all over the world. This virus can only be avoided with hygiene and protection. To avoid exposure from the virus, you need to wash your hands several times a day and cover your face whenever you go out. The minimum activity people can do is stay inside homes. Still, some people haven’t understood the real impact this virus can create on people’s lifestyles.


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Hand Hygiene is the first and foremost thing to take care of to avoid COVID19. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest washing hands with soap and water several times a day; it reduces all the microbes, bacteria, and germs which are present on hands. But there can be several situations when you cannot get sink and water to wash hands; hand sanitizer with alcohol avails in killing 97% of germs present on hands and prevents exposure of COVID19.    




Hand washing is a very good habit to develop to keep you and your family safe from various bacteria and germs. Cleaning hands with soap and water should always be the priority for washing hands as sanitizers many times does not eliminate all types of germs. Although it removes all types of germs only when used in the right manner, many people are not aware of the correct way to use hand sanitizers with alcohol.


Apply a button of hand sanitizer on one palm. Then, rub it all over your hand and between the fingers to kill all types of microbes effectively. Rub it until the liquid dries off your hands. Do not take a large amount of liquid and also should not clean it off until it dries. Now your hands are free from all the germs and safe from any virus.


How is Hand Sanitizer beneficial over soap?   


Hand sanitizer with alcohol has several benefits over washing hands with soap and water. It is not possible to have water and sink available at every place. At times, hand sanitizers can work as a best alternative to wipe out all the germs.


Various benefits of hand sanitizer over soap are:


  • Hand sanitizers are very convenient and easy to carry anywhere. Just a small bottle and you are done. You do not have to seek for soap and water to wash hands.
  • They are very less time-consuming; they quickly dry and wipes out all germs. However, it saves your 20 seconds. 
  • It does not cause any roughness or dryness on the hands.


There are always some limitations over benefits. Alcohol based hand sanitizers does not remove germs and bacteria of greasy and dirty hands. In that case, you are left with no option than using soap and water. Only hand sanitizers with at least 70% of alcohol are effective in killing germs, sanitizer without alcohol is less effective. There is also a risk of infection; however, it does not kill germs when not used correctly.


Every individual has to take the necessary measures for hand hygiene on their own. Though many dealers temporarily have started dealing with hand sanitizers, now people buy hand sanitizers online sitting at their homes.


A single mistake can put a hundred lives on stake.


Stay Safe; Stay Healthy