Parental Behaviour and Child Development

Parental Behaviour and Child Development


Parents rank among the most significant figures in the lives of young children. Parents can be mothers or fathers as well as other guardians who take on the role of parents. Children are dependent on their parents to give them the care they need from birth in order to be happy and healthy, as well as to grow and develop properly. Each family is a unique blend of the parenting styles of its individual parents. For instance, the father may favor a more liberal approach while the mother exhibits an authoritative style. This occasionally causes conflicting signals. Parents must learn to work together and incorporate their various parenting philosophies to create a unified approach to parenting. Any parent's ultimate goal should be to raise content, healthy, and well-behaved kids who develop into successful adults with solid friendships and fulfilling lives. The development of children is significantly influenced by parenting practices. The way parents interact with their children has a big impact on how they behave and can also have a negative effect on their mental health. Children's behavior is significantly influenced by how their parents raise them. There are four main types of parenting techniques used nowadays- controlled, monitored, socially progressive, and disengaged.

Parenting Methods that Work

Parenting can take many different forms, but certain techniques are effective in a wide range of situations and families. There are several important ways that parents can encourage the development of their children:

  • Taking the lead from the child and taking action consistently
  • By being warm and sensitive
  • Having schedules and house rules
  • Conversing with children and sharing books
  • Promoting health and security
  • Enforcing proper discipline without being harsh

Parents who implement these strategies can assist their children in maintaining good health, safety, and success in a variety of domains, including emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and social development.

Effect of Parenting Behavioral Styles

Parenting techniques can have a variety of effects on children, according to research. A child's life could be impacted in both the present and the future in the following areas:

1. Academics: Parenting strategies can have an impact on a child's motivation and success in school.

2. The mental health of a child can also be impacted by parenting practices. Anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems are common in kids who have parents who are authoritarian, permissive, or uninvolved in their lives as they grow up.

3. Self-esteem: Compared to children raised by other types of parents, children raised by authoritative parents are more likely to have high self-esteem.

4. Social interactions: How parents raise their children has an effect on how they interact with others. Children with permissive parents are more prone to bully others than they are to bully others, and the opposite is also true.

If you discover that your parenting tends to be more authoritarian, permissive, or detached, there are steps you can take to adopt a more authoritative approach.

There are some potential tactics, including:

1. Listening carefully to what your child has to say. Give them the chance to talk to you about their issues, thoughts, and opinions.

2. Establish rules: Define your household's rules clearly and let your child know what is expected of them. You should not only go over the rules with your child, but also the justification for them.

3. Consider your child's recommendations: Although they are prepared to hear their children's opinions and take them into account when making decisions, authoritative parents also set a good example for their children.

4. Be trustworthy: Enforce the law consistently, but make sure the consequences are fair, sufficient, and instructive. 

The emotional environment and degree of control parents give their children are referred to as their parenting style. Even parents who use the same parenting approach may decide to implement particular child-rearing techniques in a different way, which will have an impact on the degree of the results. Parents must take into account their parenting objectives and the kind of parent they want to be when deciding on a parenting style. The ultimate aim of most parents is to bring up a child who will grow up to love them and their family and be a healthy, happy, kind, and responsible person. Additionally, they want to relish the parenting process. One of the most crucial aspects of a child's environment from birth is their relationship with their parents. The positive effects of good parenting on a child are undeniable and significant. Seek online kid therapy at the best only child development platform of India.

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Contributed by:-  Dr (Prof) R K Suri, Clinical Psychologist Parenting Coach & Ms. Swati Yadav, Psychologist