Ways to determine whether ED is psychological or physical

Ways to determine whether ED is psychological or physical


Erectile disorder (ED) is a sexual dysfunction that can be found across men of all age groups and backgrounds. If you're susceptible to ED it could be that you have difficulty or even impossible to achieve or maintain an erection that's strong enough to enjoy sexual activity. Though many people view the issue of erectile dysfunction as a senior man's issue, research shows that ED is a problem that affects men of all age groups. Indeed, studies suggest that about 26 percent of all new ED cases are experienced by males younger than 40.

Erectile dysfunction can happen for various reasons. For the older population, this is typically due to health issues like heart disease, atherosclerosis (clogged arteries) and diabetes, as well as hypertension or multiple sclerosis (high blood pressure). But what happens to healthy young men? For younger men who aren't affected by cardiovascular diseases and other serious physical health problems, the reason could be psychological.

If there are no physical ailments it is necessary to dig deeper to discover the cause of the erectile dysfunction. What you may not realize is that, for most men, psychological triggers can be a major cause of Erectile dysfunction. Below, we'll discuss the definition of erectile disorder and the way psychological factors can play a part in the development of it. 

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

It's a very common sexual health issue in men. If you suffer from ED and you're not sure, check whether you are not able to have an erection sufficient enough for sex, or keep an erection long enough to enjoy an intimate relationship together with your partner. The severity of ED can vary. Some may experience a slight annoyance that gets into the way of having sex at times. Others, ED may be a chronic, long-term condition that can have a major effect on a person's capacity to have fun with sexual activity.

Certain conditions can increase the likelihood of developing Erectile dysfunction. You may be more susceptible to ED in the case that you're getting older or diagnosed with a medical or disease, use prescription medications, or are engaged in certain behaviors, like drinking alcohol or smoking. which are important to address and for that seek help from a Counselling psychologist or find the Psychologist in delhi.

What are the most common psychological causes of ED?

While the majority of causes of erectile dysfunction are of physical nature, in many instances, ED may arise due to mental or emotional problems. As with physical causes of ED there isn't a single psychological reason that can trigger erectile dysfunction in men. In reality, there are a myriad of factors that can cause or contribute to the development of psychological ED. These include:

  • Anxiety, be it general or linked to sexual arousal

  • Fear , sexual infidelity or bad sexual performance

  • Feeling of guilt that comes from having a sexual encounter

  • Sexual stress or chronic stress that is related to other problems

  • Other mood and depression disorders

  • Problems with relationships

  • Excessive porn consumption

  • Low Self-esteem

Certain medicines used to combat psychological issues like antidepressants may also play a role to cause Erectile dysfunction. A lot of these triggers are linked and it's quite possible to be affected by any one of them at the same time. Let's examine some of the possible psychological causes to discover how it might contribute to the development of ED.

Anxiety and stress

While anxiety and stress are two distinct items, they're very closely linked when it comes to the problem of Erectile dysfunction. Stress is usually a major cause of Erectile dysfunction. However, over time stress can lead to anxiety, which causes more stress, leading to an unhealthy cycle for your mental health challenges and sexual life.

A lot of men don't realise that there are a variety of kinds of erections, three to be precise. A reflexive erection can be triggered by physical stimulation. On the other hand, the psychogenic erection occurs by a mental or visual image. A nocturnal erection is exactly what it sounds like an erection which occurs when you sleep.

All three involve particular bodily systems that include muscles, hormones and nerve system, blood vessels and emotions. If any of these systems are damaged, it could lead to or contribute to ED. If you are facing such issues consult a Best psychiatrist near me or search for the best psychiatrist near me.

Relationship challenges

The process of maintaining and cultivating an enduring relationship isn't an easy feat. You need time and effort to know the person you are with and to believe in them. When you or your partner have issues with relationships, they may easily spill over into your sexual life. Discuss with your spouse or a Relationship counselor to resolve the issues that are affecting your relationship.

It could be that your erectile dysfunction may be creating issues in your relationship, which is another instance of the vicious cycle of ED which can impact all things in your daily life. Communication is the initial step in solving this specific cause of psychological ED However, it's an extremely challenging step to accomplish.

If you have trouble talking to your partner, engaging in relationship counseling can aid you in being able to understand each other's needs, and enhancing your relationship.


If you've never experienced depression in your own life You might consider it something similar to sadness. It's actually far more than it seems. Depression can be described as an anchor, pulling both your body and your mind, and affecting the entirety of your life physically and mentally.

As you can imagine depression symptoms may make it hard to find pleasure in anything including sexual activity.

Need Help

If you're experiencing sexual issues that aren't caused by a physical issue or a medical condition and you're trying to find solutions for it. This process may be daunting. In many cases, the help of a psychologist or an Online counselor can be very helpful.

Online therapists aim to address any mental or emotional problems you may be facing that could be causing an issue with your sexual life. They are trained to assist clients in dealing with issues that range from insufficient sexual desire to erectile dysfunction. Online counselling can provide you with the techniques and tools to deal with any emotional or mental issues that can affect your sexual life and sexual pleasure.

Additionally, you may schedule an appointment with the top professional psychologists and receive Mental health counseling at the Psychowellness Centre, which has many locations in Delhi NCR, NOIDA, Faridabad, Janakpuri, Dwarka, and Vasant Vihar.

Contribution: Dr (Prof) R K Suri, Clinical Psychologist, life coach & mentor TalktoAngel & Mr. Utkarsh Yadav, Psychologist.