10 Best Breathing Exercises To Practice Daily

10 Best Breathing Exercises To Practice Daily


What is Breathing exercise?

Breathing exercises are very helpful in day to day life. Nowadays the person's  lifestyle has changed. We are not eating healthy foods, we are not following proper diet plans and our  atmosphere is also not so clean. So the breathing exercise helps us to breathe very easily. When  we breathe in air then our blood cells receive the oxygen and release the carbon. When we control our  breath then it’s called Pranayam. Pranayam is practiced in the morning on an empty stomach. According to best psychologist in India the breathing process helps us to relax, remove our anxiety, feel better, and negative thoughts go out. It also  helps us physically and emotionally. There are so many breathing exercise:- 

1 Breath of fire (Bhastrika pranayama)

In this sit while crossing your legs and your neck  and shoulder must be relaxed. Take a deep breath through your nose to fill your lungs then release the  breath with a hissing sound forcefully. Do this exercise everyday Or you can do it two times in a day for 5  to 20 minutes. 

2 Breath retention (Kumbhaka pranayam)

In this pranayam you have to sit in Padmasana  position, your hands must be on your knees and your spine core and shoulder must be relaxed and  straight. You have to exhale and inhale. And try to hold your inhale and exhale as long as you can.  Slowly increase the time of holding your breath. Show the air Inside your lungs may retain for  some time. 

3 Lion’s breath( Simbhasana)

In this you sit on the ground on your knees, your ankle must be  in a crossed position and your arms are on your knees and your feet must be pointed out. Now inhale from  your nose and exhale from your mouth by opening the mouth wide and sticking out your tongues. Your  tongue should be towards your chin while you are exhaling and it is producing a sound. Do this exercise  for a couple of times and then relax. 

4 Deer seal breathing (Mrigi mudra pranayam)

You can also say it alternate nostril  breathing. In this you have to sit in Padmasana. Your neck, Shoulder and back should be straight. Curl  your index finger and middle finger and press them on the base of your thumb.Your remaining two  fingers should be straight. You can do it with both of your hands.If you are a left handed person then  use your left hand. If you are right handed then use your right hand. Firstly, close the right nostril with your  thumb and then inhale from the left nostril. Then put your pinky finger on your left nostril and Remove  your thumb from the right nostril and then exhale from the right nostril . Repeat this exercise for a couple of  times. 

5 Skull shining (kapalbhati pranayam)

In this pranayam, Sit in the padmasana, your neck, Spine core and Shoulders in a straight position. Put your palms on your knees. Now take a deep breath.  Hold it for sometime. And then exhale. Try to do. In a single inhalation, there are five exhalations .  Eventually. Increasing your exhalations in a single inhalation. These breathing exercises will help you to  keep your lungs healthy and protect you from breathing problems. Do this exercise every morning. It  will be very beneficial for you. And repeat it for 5 to 20 minutes. According to our comfort zone. So  these are the simple techniques for a breathing exercise which will be helpful for your breathings and  you will feel more relaxed and healthy after doing these exercises.

6. 4-7-8 Breathing

This exercise is very helpful in case of stress. When you are not able to sleep, relax your body muscles, and breathe  out easily. According to Dr. R. K. Suri best clinical psychologist in west delhi, this exercise will help you to relax your mind when there are so many things going on in your mind. It will be very easy exercise and it is helpful. People will have to be focused on breath and counting . At the count of 4 you have to  breathe(inhale) , and for continuously counting up to seven you have to stop your breathing. Then at  the counting of eight you have to Exhale loudly. It is helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. It is a bed time  exercise when you are going to sleep then easily you can do it. After doing it for a few days you are very  calm and stay focused, enjoying the surroundings, not taking stress, workload for the work, happy all the  time, stay motivated, your sleep will be good quality after doing it. 

7 Pursed lip breathing

It is very helpful in asthma, COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary  disease), lungs, and diaphragm not working properly. It helps to work out diaphragm properly and  increase the amount of oxygen entering our body. It keeps the Airways open for longer than normal.  This exercise we can do while sitting or standing we have to be in normal position. First we inhale  through the nose and exhale from the mouth with pursed lips, the exhaling is twice in a single inhale.  

8 Mindful Breathing

In this exercise we have to focus on the natural rhythm of breathing. It  helps us to deal with anxiety, stress, less sleep, and high blood pressure. It also helps to stay focused,  concentrate. It is also a form of meditation. Firstly we have to be in a quiet place where there will be no  distraction. You have to do it while sitting, Standing and lying down. You have to keep calm, focus on  breathing while inhaling and exhaling allow thoughts to pass through your mind but don't judge these  thoughts, ( be neutral) nothing is affecting you. You are focusing only on breathing. 


9 Deep breathing

Deep breathing helps in dealing with a stressful situation, anxiety and in this  when a person takes deep breath it slows her heart beat and makes the person feel calmer. While  performing this firstly we have to sit comfortably and in a relaxing position our soldiers will be relaxed  we have to slowly inhale filling our lungs then slowly exhale emptying the lungs completely repeat this  exercise for a couple of times.. It will be very helpful for relaxing our body and we will be stress free, we  will feel good after doing this exercise, and we will be happy. 


10 Box breathing (Square breathing)

In this Boss box breathing or square breathing it  helps to reduce stress, improving the concentration and we will be focused while we perform this  exercise. In this we have to sit on a chair and become comfortable While We're sitting on the chair and  we have to put our hands either on our lap or knees and we have to be straight while sitting on the  chair. Sitting up straight makes it easier to breathe in and out. Firstly we have to breathe in through the  nose for counting of 4 filling the lungs and again for the count of 4 stop the breathing and where again  counting of 4 release the breath slowly empty the lungs fully waiting for the counting of 4 for breathing again. 

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