12 Good Reasons to Get Back in Shape

12 Good Reasons to Get Back in Shape


By providing it with more oxygen, physical exercise derives and strengthens the body. No matter your age, situation, and physical condition, getting into a fitness program is always a great idea. Do you doubt it? Summer is about to come out! And with it your brand new micro dress, chocolate praline ice creams and beautiful surfers on the beach. If these reasons to get back into sport are not enough for you, discover the following now.


The health benefits


The first reason - and not the least - concerns the many health benefits of fitness. Regular cardio training sessions provide many benefits such as the prevention of cardiovascular disease.


This type of exercise helps to fight against high cholesterol levels but also against hypertension and diabetes. Physical activity also fights respiratory problems. It offers you the possibility of being better immune to all the classic winter evils, etc.


The toxins are evacuated through perspiration and respiration. Not to mention that sport maintains good hormonal functioning.


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Valuable help during a diet


Dieting is not always enough to lose weight or at least keep it off. It is essential to combine a healthy and balanced diet with regular sports activity. Sports training burns a lot of calories.


They promote the reduction of body fat. Sport is the formidable weapon for combating the problems of overweight and obesity. It's ideal during a fitness program!


A healthy heart


Regular physical exercise slows down the heartbeat. It increases the ability of blood vessels to dilate, which makes it easier for them to carry oxygen to the muscles.


Consequence: blood pressure drops. This is the reason why sport is recommended in case of hypertension.


Better physical condition


A body used to exercise is much stronger than a less active body. The difference in everyday life is quickly noticeable: less risk of falls, better reflexes, more energy, etc.


Regular physical activity also has direct benefits on the risk of cardiovascular disease. 30 minutes of physical activity per day reduces the risk of cardiovascular accident by 25 to 30%.


The practice of physical exercise is thus indicated in the prevention of coronary cardiovascular diseases. Physical exercise also helps lower your cholesterol level and prevent the risk of diabetes by balancing blood sugar (blood sugar) levels.


Your sense of balance will be greatly optimized. To top it all, sports exercises help maintain proper functioning of the joints.


Positive fitness for the mind


Playing sports is good for morale! During sports activities, your body secretes endorphin. This hormone causes joy and euphoria. Best of all, the effect is immediate. It helps to fight in general against physical fatigue.


In addition, your concentration improves. The exercises also affect your self-confidence and your sleep. Exercising is the ideal solution for all women with insomnia or any other sleep-related disorder.


Lose weight


Sports activity is a healthy and effective way to burn more calories to promote weight loss and burn more fat. Norepinephrine, a hormone secreted during sports activity, promotes the elimination of fats, the body drawing its energy from sugars and fats.


It is therefore advisable to practice regular physical activity: cycling, walking, jogging, hiking, swimming, treadmill ...


Does the idea of ​​playing a sport not really enchant you? Rest assured, exercising does not necessarily mean running on a mat or cycling, it mostly means being more active, for example through a routine activity such as gardening or DIY.


Bikini Body


You have bought yourself a sublime swimsuit at Princesse Tam Tam and you intend to make it profitable. By being sublime inside, obviously. So, if you could add two or three abs here and there, that would be even better.


Sleep better


As long as you do not exert any intense effort less than 2 hours before going to sleep, exercising can improve the duration and quality of your sleep thanks in particular to physical fatigue, good blood circulation and elimination of toxins.


The practice of sport also makes it possible to lengthen the duration of deep slow sleep (SLP) during which a strong activity of cell growth hormones is observed.


Improve your memory


Have you ever had an idea or a thought and forgotten it a few minutes later? If so, don't worry, it happens to all of us! But don't worry, exercising can help you remember those thoughts that pop out of your head as quickly as they came in.


Exercising is a simple and effective way to get your brain and memory working optimally.




Have more confidence in yourself


The regular practice of a sport builds self-confidence. You feel stronger, physically of course, but also mentally because to achieve physical performance, the mind must follow. Session after session, you realize that you are making progress, that you are able to do exercises that you didn't think you could do.


Maintain Good bone density


Regular sport activity strengthens your bones and reduces the risk of bone fractures. Indeed, the practice of physical exercises, allows to activate bone renewal. As for women, when they get older or during pregnancy, their bone density naturally decreases. This decrease in bone density can be mitigated and even avoided through regular physical activity.


Sport, an ally against stress and anxiety


Sport is a tremendous decompression airlock. It is not always easy to be Zen in the face of very busy days. Your kids made you bitch when you woke up, your coworker made you angry all day long talking about her amazing lover and his future vacation in the Maldives and your husband just forgot to buy a baguette tonight.


Sport will allow you to release the tensions accumulated throughout the day. You should know that sport is also an incomparable ally in the fight against addictions. For those who want to put an end to cigarettes, get into sport.


Regular sports activity also helps stabilize blood pressure and thus halves the risk of hypertension. Endurance sports delay the aging of cells. Regular training improves general physical condition and therefore promotes independence in the elderly.