5 Best Way To Control Your Emotions

5 Best Way To Control Your Emotions


Emotions are among the important part of our lives. Humans are having the ability to experience emotions and emotions play an important role in your reaction to situations. Emotions are when you are having a good laugh over a joke or when you are frustrated because someone poked you for something or when you are getting angry over small things in your daily routine life. Emotions affect your well being.

Emotions are very powerful. They tell you to interact with others, how you handle challenges, and how you spend your time with others and when you are alone. When you gain control over your emotions, you become strong. Anyone can become an expert in handling emotions just like some other skills. It just needs dedication and practice.

When you know the regulation of emotions, your perception towards the situation and people changes and this will let you understand them more clearly and deeply. Emotions can sometimes be a painful force and therefore the regulation is very important so that you live in a more peaceful way.

Emotions can be positive and negative and both have a big difference in them. Positive emotions sometimes take time to get triggered and have a positive aspect according to the situation. Negative emotions get triggered very easily and quickly. And they usually have a negative effect on the situations and other people as well. For eg when you have emotions of love towards someone, the reactions are usually late and they have a positive impact. When you are in anger because of some situation, it may get triggered very quickly and maybe onto someone. This can impact your daily life. You are not born the way you are today. These emotions grow in you slowly over time. They grow like a weed and they are conditioned.

Following these steps helps in controlling your emotions:

Reaction time:

There are two ways you react to the emotional trigger. One is lately and one is immediate. When you react immediately, you are making a mistake. It will make you regret things in your life. Before exploding on certain emotions, think about it. When you get an immense emotion, stop and take a deep breath and for at least five minutes keep on taking deep breaths. This will stabilize your pulse and then your heartbeat will come to normal. And when you become calm, try to affirm to yourself that all this happening is temporary and you will be back to normal soon.

Spiritual guidance:

Faith in the divine or God is a much better thing. It will ease your obstacles very easily. It is because when you believe in the divine that he will help you in showing what you must do; it will also teach you what is happening and how to get rid of that. It can also teach you to get ease in such situations. Whenever you are burdened with your emotions, close your eyes, and look for the positive solutions you have for the problems you are facing. Try to find peace and ask from the divine the path to the solution of all your emotions.

A healthy reaction:

Now when you have found a way to manage your emotions, find ways to release it in a healthy way. You should go to someone you love and trust the most and discuss your emotions. When you want to have an opinion, it broadens up your thought process. Try something to discharge your feelings. Try engaging yourself in writing a journal or try some aggressive exercises which will release your emotions onto something else and you will find inner peace.

Thought replacing:

A negative emotion always leads to negative thoughts. It will create negative thought patterns. Whenever you are having an emotion that is making you feel bad, try kicking it out of your mind and replacing it with a thought which is positive in nature.

Forgiving the emotional triggers:

The emotional triggers are which provoke the response. It may be anything or anyone. It may be some news or some of your friends or family members. Try forgiving them because when you forgive them you detach yourself from them. You detach yourself from the grudge you are holding or maybe the jealousy and the anger which you are holding against them. It will detach you from the harsh feelings you are holding against them.

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