9 Hobbies that Helps Dealing with Depression

9 Hobbies that Helps Dealing with Depression


When you are anxious or depressed, you think that you are alone. But the fact is that there are many people who are feeling this way. Everyone goes through the phase of depression once in their lifetime. The only difference is the intensity of symptoms which vary from person to person. To some, it may have a drastic effect while to others it’s just as normal as every day without interfering with normal day-to-day activities. Some start to sear for " best psychologist near you " queries on google, some continue to deal on their own while other are not even identified it.  


People start to take therapy or some other form of treatment when they are in depression. They may also take the help of some relaxation techniques, exercises, yoga, meditation or medication to overcome depression. Apart from this if you want to overcome depression, start adopting some hobbies or meaningful activities that will boost your interests and strengths. 


Maintaining a hobby will give you a number of positive benefits, including physical and mental. You can take a new hobby or an older one also. 


Here is a list of some hobbies which you can take up when you are in anxiety or depression:


  1. Take the camera and start photography 


For this, you can use your own phone and there is no need to buy an expensive camera. Go outside and capture new things. Dwell in the beauty of nature. With this, you will be able to explore different and new places and make a memory for the next generation. It will also make you meet new people and make you busy and thus will help you treat your depression.


  1. Start playing music. 


If you ever wanted to learn guitar or Casio or a piano, then this is the right time you can start with. Playing music is a fantastic way to make stress and depression out of your life and if you play in groups then you meet other musicians as well that will help you in making good friends ans social connections. Playing music will boost your self-confidence.


  1. Start writing a journal.


 When you start writing what you think and do, you are more easily able to express your feelings and thoughts as compared to when you speak about them. When you write your thoughts down you are basically describing your symptoms and patterns. It will help you overcome your loneliness. Start writing about your depression and you will see the difference. 


  1. Try out some doodles. 


A doodle is an art form in which you have a lot of things in a figure which you can color, the way you like. There is no one to judge you. You can draw and then color or there are books available in which you can just sit back on a chair or wherever you feel comfortable and color according to your own wish. Drawing and coloring are some of the best ways to overcome loneliness and depression. It will also expand your imagination.


  1. Try some dancing. 


Dancing is a form of movement meditation. It is a good way in which you connect with others. Exercise is something; depressed people are not motivated to do. But dancing is just moving your body and getting your stress out by those simple movements. Every dance step will make you feel as if your depression is going away. 


  1. Try going in the water. 


Yes, swimming is one of the hobbies which you can pursue to overcome depression. Some swimmers report swimming as a medicine to relieve stress and depression. It will relax your body and you will feel meditative. Some people have reported that they find themselves to be happier when they come out of the swimming pool as compared to when they get into it. 


  1. You can take on yoga also. 


Yoga is known as a natural stress reliever. It will naturally boost your physical and mental energy and decrease your stress and depression.


  1. Try out some gardening skills. 


Gardening will bring you closer to nature. It is said that when you are closer to nature you feel less depressed. Gardening will also make you busy and you think more about your plants or the vegetable garden which you have made and less about the other things. It helps in the reduction of the severity of the mental problem.


  1. You can try cooking also. 


Studies have shown that cooking is associated with relief in depression and stress. Cooking will make you busy with the tasks and the recipes and hence you will feel relieved.


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