Anxiety is an emotion, response towards fear or stress. Normally we all have anxiety but when a person feels anxious about something frequently than it can be sign of some mental disorder. Anxiety is good because whenever we get so much happy we get anxiety but that is positive anxiety, problem is when we get anxious continuously again and again by our negative thoughts or stress. Anxiety is a weird feeling and often people are unable to understand anxiety. A psychologist is best person to understand and analyze why you are feeling low or what is bothering you.


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Primary symptoms of anxiety include:


High BP



Over thinking


Excessive worry

Weak concentration


These symptoms become problem when they start triggering more often and once this happen anxiety starts interfering with daily routine of your life. You are unable to perform your daily activities it can be anything like your work, going out, socially connecting etc. All these things are symptom that anxiety is turning out to an anxiety disorder and we all know disorder is never a good term.


Anxiety can be classified to different types like:


Generalized anxiety disorder

Panic attack



Separation anxiety


These forms comprise different symptoms and interfere in your life to such extent that you start avoiding things in which you get anxiety. There is strong chance that this avoidance may affect your life like you stop moving out of your home, you stop talking to people or it can be not going to office, avoiding taking lifts or not using public washrooms, doubting each and everything or feeling something is mixed in your food. There can be any strange or weird action or feeling which anxiety can make you do and you don’t even realize that.


As of now there is no particular cause for anxiety, it can be because of excessive stress, chemical imbalance in brain, genetically inherited or depression.


Anxiety treatment includes proper diagnosis by psychologist and psychiatrist. For some there is no need of medicine and only therapy works magic in cure but for some doctors prescribe medicine depending upon symptoms and diagnosis. Behavioral therapy such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and meditation are most important step of anxiety treatment.


We often hesitate in visiting a psychologist for our weird thoughts or feelings or fears in fact we never visit them but my dear friends psychologists are our best friends whenever we have strange or weird feelings troubling us. I found my best psychologist in Delhi at Psychowellness Center and after few visits I started feeling better. So don’t hesitate or feel shy in visiting a psychologist. Take therapy and counseling sessions for curing your anxiety well.