Child Psychology & Mind Development

Child Psychology & Mind Development


Understanding child and adolescent mental health is very difficult. It requires lots of patience and compassion to deal with these gentle minds. Along side physical health of your child, it’s far crucial to care about his or her mental health because from early age to his juvenile age, a baby passes away from several psychological changes. It is important to care about your child in between this time period.


Along with physical health of your child it is necessary to care about his psychological health because during childhood a child passes through several mental changes and these changes leave dark impression on his mind till younger stage.


A child’s psychological development depends basically on the love that he or she will be able to get hold of from his parents, especially in the first days of his existence.


You should be mentally attached with your kids from very early stage.


Your ability to relate to your infant from very early on in a way that creates a secure attachment bond of emotional communication will enable your child to regulate and thereby generate and maintain states of emotional security. The important thing is that you take notice of your child’s emotional state and take it into account when you react.


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The minds of children are very sharp and affected easily by all events in the immediate environment. Events which might be only trivial or unimportant to adults might also leave deep scars or memories in a child’s mind.


There are several factors that affect the mind development of a child in early childhood:


  1. Memorable physical/bodily sensations
  2. Personal experiences/events that evoked strong emotions of fear, joy, sorrow etc.
  3. Emotional relationships with friends, teachers or family members.
  4. Domestic abuse or violence
  5. Sexual molestation or abuse
  6. Accidents or illnesses experienced or observed.
  7. Personal success or failure in school


There are several other situations that badly affect the mind of a child. At any age parents need to be aware of the result of their reactions on their children’s learning about emotions. Hence the important thing is that you take notice of your child’s emotional state and take it into account when you react.