Effect of Schizophrenia in Relationship

Effect of Schizophrenia in Relationship


In the rexlationship between couples, having some kind of illness especially mental illness may bring one or both of them in shock. This may even lead to the end of a relationship. According to Dr.R.K.Suri (clinical psychologist – Psychowellness Center) some couples have claimed that when they came to knew that their partners are schizophrenic, their relationship broke up. Although they were hooked for several months. Mental issues can put a strain on your relationship. People who are schizophrenic are not able to make close bonds with other people.



Sometimes the family of the schizophrenic person also feels that they are a burden. That burden may start in the acute phase of the illness. It may be totally a financial burden but it may both affect the financial as well as the psychological states of the schizophrenic person’s family.



If we talk of a romantic relationship between a couple and one is having schizophrenia still the relationship is quite good. This usually takes a lot of effort in establishing and maintaining a romantic, good, and healthy relationship with the schizophrenic person and the person living with them.



When the couple comes to know that their partner is schizophrenic their relationship can go in shock because the schizophrenic person’s overall personality can change. A person who was loving and caring before he was schizophrenic can turn cold and careless.



Schizophrenic people have difficulties in socializing with other people. They are in trouble to go in social situations and hence try to avoid them. And because of this, they do not have a good friend circle. They find it difficult to make friends. Researchers have said that people with schizophrenia are impaired in social relationships. They also say that if one person is not interested in social relationships, they will not go for them.



If the schizophrenic person wants to get back to their social life, they have to follow the following three steps:



  • They have to work with their psychiatrist and go on medications so that their psychotic symptoms might be controlled.



  • To keep the relationships, they have to go to a therapist so that they can develop the skills to maintain relationships with the other people in a healthy manner.



  • They should also be helped to find the exercises so that they can go and socialize with the people around them. They are sometimes afraid to go out of the house and meet other people. But the therapist makes them join some social groups or activities so that they can go out of their houses and try to socialize and make new friends and talk to other people.



With this, they may be able to find a romantic partner for themselves also. When we read some stories of the people who were schizophrenic, they say that they had also found their life partner when they were out in these groups which could be the best thing that ever happened to them. They also say that with medications and therapies they can have a good, relaxing and of course a healthy life for them.



People sometimes are also concerned as to when they should open up to their partner about the illness they are having. It can be quite hard for them to decide the same. Although if you are having this illness, you cannot hide this from the person you are dating. Although their treatment is going and working quite well still there will be some communication issues or some other symptoms are still there that the other partner is able to notice. Some researchers have said that these kinds of big problems should be opened in a relationship but they should be opened after a few months of the relationship. When another partner has started understanding you better, he or she will understand the illness as well.



People should go for relationships even when they are having a serious illness like schizophrenia. Relationships are always positive, caring, and supportive in nature and schizophrenic people should go for relationships because this will provide them love, care, and support and they will feel that there is someone on whom they can rely on. People have said that in a relationship, their symptoms are being monitored twice. There are some other people also who have a check on their symptoms and not only to symptoms but the medications and therapies also, which is going on.


Here we are not only talking about a romantic relationship but the other person could be your friend, a family member or your parents. They keep a check on the symptoms and also they keep a check as to whether the illness is having a relapse also.


People with schizophrenia can also have relapsed into their illness. They can again develop psychotic symptoms and may again have difficulties in developing a trustworthy relationship even with the family members and the people around them. They may become suspicious that the other people might be plotting something against them. Here the role of the parents is that there should not be any argument over this but they should have a check whether the person is taking their medications or not. Then they should provide them with an environment full of love, care, and support and make sure that they are taking the medicines in a regular manner. They should also ask the patient to get good quantity and quality sleep, a healthy diet, and that they should avoid the stress of all kinds.


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