Gain “this” Strength and Courage from Hanuman

Gain “this” Strength and Courage from Hanuman


All of you have celebrated Hanuman Janmotsav yesterday by offering prayers, chanting Hanuman Chalisa, and making Prasad. The current pandemic crisis limited the celebration in the home itself. Hanuman is remembered as a genuine bhakt of Rama. He is worshipped to gain courage, self-esteem, inner strength, self-confidence, and perseverance. These things are important for the good conduct of life.


To understand how to achieve this you need to understand the story of Hanuman and Valmiki carefully. When Valmiki completed his Ramayana he came to know that hanuman had also written a Ramayana and when Valmiki went through Hanuman’s version of Ramayan he started crying. When asked hanuman's reason for his crying Valmiki said now no one will read my Ramayan because your version of Ramayana is good and informative. Knowing this hanuman tore his Ramayan. Valmiki was shocked and asked why? Hanuman explained I have written my version to remember Rama, this is my way of expressing my deep love for Ram. Ram is in my soul, mind, and body. I don’t need any writing for that. You have written to make people know about it. So your version should be read not mine.


This story makes you learn selflessness, humility, faith, and devotion. Just like Hanuman do your Karma without worrying about what will be the outcome. This is what helps you gain self-confidence, strength, and courage. When you will start doing things without worrying about the result you will gain success. You will put all your strength into focusing on your work and not on results. This will make you taste success.


Courage, strength, confidence all can be achieved when you have humility. Whenever you do something ask yourself why you are doing it. What is your purpose behind it? What do you want to achieve by doing this? Just like Hanuman knows why he wrote his Ramayana. This practice will help you achieve your goals. Help you stay focused on what you do.


So when you worship Hanuman remember to gain courage and strength of doing things without worrying for results.


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