How "this" Eagle Realised Her True Potential?

How "this" Eagle Realised Her True Potential?


Once in a big jungle there was nest of eagle at the top of large tree. The nest was carrying eggs of eagle. One day when eagle went in search of food one of the egg rolled down from the nest and landed in chicken farm.


A hen noticed the egg and started looking after it. The hen nurtured the egg with love and warmth. She took care of this big egg just like her own eggs. After some days egg hatched and baby eagle was born.


Hen raised the baby eagle with all her other baby chickens. The eagle was part of chicken family now. She grew with all the chickens and learned all habits of chickens. The eagle never realized her potential.


The eagle will search for seeds in ground. Will fly few feet and made clucked and crackled sounds just like chickens.


The farmer was noticing the eagle and thought of helping her. He wanted to make her realize her true potential and ability. So, he lifted her and throwed it in air with intention to make her fly. But the eagle fell down badly on ground because she only knew to fly few feet. She had no idea that she can fly high and high.


The farmer really wanted to help eagle so this time he tried new approach. He climbed up the large tree and pushed her from there. Again, the eagle fell down badly on ground. The farmer was disappointed thinking he is not able to help poor eagle. He can feel the need of realizing her true potential. The farmer new very well that eagle is not made to do what she was doing with chickens. That place is not for her.


A wise man was noticing farmer trying to help eagle and his disappointment when he was not able to help her. He went to the farmer and asked him to help. The farmer agreed.


The man held eagle’s neck and started turning her head up towards the sky. He kept doing it till eagle looked at sky. It was painful for eagle but man did not stop.


As the eagle looked at the sky some miracle happened. A high energy started running in her body, she started flapping her wings and flew in sky with all power and energy.


The farmer was delighted and asked the wise man how did he do it. How he made the eagle fly? How he was able to make eagle realize her true potential?


The wise man smiled and said, the eagle was in habit of always looking down the ground just like chickens. She never knew about sky and her potential. She was in impact of her surroundings. I made her look beyond. It was painful for her but it made her realize her ability and potential.


The chickens knew their potential and ability and were doing what is meant for them. But eagle was unaware about her potential because her surroundings never made her realize her true potential. She thought what she is doing is best but it was chickens who were at their best and not eagle.


Similarly, we all have potential like eagle within us which we are unaware of. Our surrounding is making us forget our true potential.


At this time a true mentor (any one - friends, family, therapists and psychologists) can help us. They can see our potential and make us fly high and aware of what we are created for. Our real purpose and ability.


Remember the process of making you realize your true potential is painful but it will make you fly high and achieve success. It will be for your good. When you get habit of living in your comfort zone you forget your potential. You never look to the sky beyond comfort zone. You never realize the power and high energy of flapping your wings to reach big sky. But your mentor knows your true potential and help you in realizing it.



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