Make Efforts Like Squirrel

Make Efforts Like Squirrel


After the abduction of Sita by Ravana Lord Rama get to know Sita has been taken to Lanka. To reach Lanka Rama and his vanar sena had to cross big ocean to reach Lanka. For this the entire vanar sena was making bridge to cross big ocean.


Entire vanar sena was working hard to make bridge as soon as possible to reach Lanka. Lord Rama was happy and moved by seeing dedication, passion and energy of his vanar sena in building the bridge.


While watching vanar sena he saw one squirrel, who was also picking pebbles in her mouth and placing it near big rocks. She was working continuously and tirelessly.


One of the vanar from Lord Rama’s army looked at squirrel and started making fun of her. He destroyed her enthusiasm saying she should not engage herself in this work she is too small for this. And she will be crushed by big rocks because she is so small. The vanar made fun of her and started laughing. After which the entire vanar sena started laughing at her. Poor squirrel got hurt and started crying.


Lord Rama was watching all this.


Squirrel went to Lord Rama and complained about vanar sena making fun of her. Lord Rama called entire vanar sena and showed them how the small pebbles thrown by squirrel are serving as connector between two big rocks.


He said no contribution is big or small. What matters is your efforts and hardwork. He explained vanar sena every contribution or efforts made are valuable. Squirrel contribution is not small or big it is valuable.


To appreciate hard work and contribution of squirrel Lord Rama stroked squirrel back and after which it is said squirrels got the lines on their back.


We should never underestimate anyone. We should not judge people by their size because ultimately what matters is their hard work and contribution. Never discourage yourself or others thinking about big or small, weak or strong. Keep making your efforts and success will reach you.


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