Why Live in Reality?

Why Live in Reality?


Today we all friends were walking and everyone was talking about their problems or issues in life. Some talked about their relationship problems, some about their office problems, and some were sharing their financial issues. We all shared our problems but one of our friends John was only listening to all of us. At last, only me and john left and we continued our walk. I asked him why he was only listening and talking about anything. I added, “you don’t face any problems or issues in life”?


John said, “I only face the truth”.


I was surprised. He then explained to me


If you want peace you have to start accepting reality or truth and stop thinking.


Truth is what exists now, your today’s reality is truth, the moment you are living in is truth. If you are thinking about a milestone or problems, they are your thoughts and do not exist now.


This is why a true spiritual path is about living in reality.


The reality of life is that you are here now and you have to face whatever comes in the path of this life. This is the only truth. Life is simple. The problem is our fantasies, hopes, and expectations.


The main reason for maximum problems in life is our fantasies and comparisons.


“I am good but poor”


“My wife is good but my friend’s wife is good and understanding”


Keeping hope is good but if lost in fantasies of the future while hoping then the problem starts. When you start expecting things then the problem starts.


When you will stop thinking, dreaming about things you will find yourself free. Start taking things as it is. Don’t create good or bad, god and devil.


For some particular activity, you may look at things in a particular way at some point, and that is ok but not always. That is why it is important to learn to live with reality.


You will find yourself free of problems and start enjoying yourself when you stop labeling things as good or bad.


Everyone here has some of the other problems in life. You are not the only one. Cribbing and discussing problems is a never-ending process. If you start accepting things the way they are you will see problems are fading away.


So start living in reality and accepting the truth.


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