4 Steps to Re-Enter Post-Pandemic World

4 Steps to Re-Enter Post-Pandemic World


The past year has made us all experience pain, loss of loved ones, job loss, separation, and loneliness. From last year till now we all have seen and made changes in our lifestyle which were never imagined. Wearing masks, social distancing, and lockdown everything have brought changes in our lifestyle. Living without a household helper, working from home, no dining out and closed cities are some changes that nobody would have imagined even in their bad dreams. Covid 19 has made us all follow the unimagined lifestyle. It has not only impacted physical health but emotional health as well.



Many of you must have experienced emotional or behavioral changes impacting your mental health. Accepting changes is always challenging and if the change is a complete change of lifestyle then it definitely impacts mental health.



Now things are coming back to normal but still many of you are impacted by post-pandemic mental health issues like anxiety, OCD behavior, fear, and depression. The past year and six months have been really tough and shaken us badly. As the world is moving towards normalcy fear still exists in your mind.



  • fear of catching an infection
  • fear of the third wave
  • fear of infection in children
  • fear of returning back to work
  • and lot more



Here are 4 important points that will help you deal with post-pandemic mental health issues:


  1. Recognize and acknowledge challenges:

    Before you start moving towards normalcy it is important to recognize and acknowledge all the challenges faced by you. This is the best way to stay emotionally healthy and relieve post-pandemic anxiety.

The emotional experience, suffering, and pain which you have faced are all attached to your mind. More you suppress them and try to move on more they affect your mental health. Recognizing and accepting the challenges faced by you in the previous year is the only way to deal with moving on from anxiety.


Mindfulness and self-empathy will help you in reviewing the challenges faced by you in the previous year and six months without being judgmental.


  1. Re-gain lost hope:

    We all have experienced a high level of helplessness in these 18 months and that has made us lose hope. Uncontrollable circumstances have made us doubt that we have the power to promote positive change.

    To re-gain hope and positivity we should un-learn the bad experiences and circumstances of the past. Practicing Mindfulness helps to un-learn previous situations and brainstorm to find ways, to begin with, normalcy.

  2. Realize your contribution:

    Start observing the reflection of past 18 months and focus on what all good happened primarily focus on your contribution in making things good. It will help in training your mind to focus on positives and ignore negatives

  3. Focus on vision:

    When you are lost and hopeless you focus on what is wrong and not on what you want. Start visualizing what you want, shift your focus from difficulties of past to post-pandemic possibilities. This will help you to enter the new normal calmly without any fear or anxiety.




Now you know how to enter the post-pandemic world calmly. If you still find problems in controlling your behavior, emotions and thoughts please take professional help.




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