Top 6 Signs That You Are Too Harsh On Yourself

Top 6 Signs That You Are Too Harsh On Yourself


Mental health problems are not new to anyone and every day we get to hear a lot about this. Be it social media or influencers, everyone possesses an opinion on this.


Mental health taking in your emotional wellbeing is what you consider to be important. You are the first person to take care of your mental health. However, there are certain times when we are less likely to be considering our own mental health.


There are many factors that can take a toll on your mental health. Not only the external factors but you can also be the one that could be damaging the emotional health. We can be hard on ourselves especially if we have gone through some traumas in the past. In all these bad times, you can take help from psychologists.


Signs that you are too Harsh to Yourself


Here are the signs that indicate that you are being too hard on yourself. These include:


1- You always want perfection 


Perfection is good but not always and not in all cases. Being overly perfectionist and always striving for perfection is an indicator that you are being too harsh with yourself.


You are not the only culprit for this; we are taught to be perfectionists. Since childhood, we have seen our parents and teachers asking us to do things perfectly and somehow this is drilled in our minds. Not all people are able to think differently after remaining with this mindset for years. Being a perfectionist in every matter can be an indicator that you are expecting too much from yourself.


2- You take immediate lessons from your mistakes


Mistakes are meant to make you learn new things and these lessons are the most important part of your learning. If you are too hard on yourself you are more likely to develop your mistakes and learn instant lessons from them. You always look for a lesson in anything or if you are unable to find one you end up thinking that you aren’t doing it wrong.


3- The world is black and white for you


Depending on the way you are perceiving things, you might consider things black and white. Black or white or right or wrong, considering that there is no intermediate situation. You miss all the greys between white and black. You perceive every situation as a yes or a no not accepting any other output. This trait is directly connected to your quest for perfection that means you are being cruel to yourself.


4- You can’t wait for success


Good things take time and success is not an exception to this. Success doesn’t instantly and you can’t wait to immediately want for it can be an indicator of how you are too hard on yourself. You aren't willing to wait even if you can. From other’s perspectives, you might be doing good and deserving appreciation but you aren’t ready to accept without reaching a specific goal. Not being able to accept anything less than perfection and being impatient for success can be motivating but at the same time, it can be bad for your mental health in the long run.


5- You are your biggest critic


Criticism can be good for you and can positively impact your performance. But not the criticism all the time. Other than people around you can also criticize yourself. A person who is being too harsh on himself always criticizes his own work and performance. No matter how well other people feel about you, this unnecessary criticism can badly affect your mental health.


6- You don’t celebrate often


Successes and failures are part of life but man so as their recognition. An indicator that you are being too hard on yourself can be that you are more towards your failures than your successes. You are quick to identify when you aren't enough but you have a hard time celebrating when you are achieving something. This inability to look towards your failures more than your successes can be harmful to you.


Bottom Line


Self-accountability is good but you need to do it all the time. Among many things that are affecting your mental health, your own behavior counts a lot. If you are being too hard on yourself you will be affecting your own health and performance in the long run.


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