Safe Teeth Whitening Tips At Home

Safe Teeth Whitening Tips At Home


White teeth can make smiles look brighter and sweeter, and can make us more confident. But we use whitening toothpaste every day and no effect is seen. What should we do? Here are a few small tips


Add baking soda or yeast powder to the toothpaste when brushing your teeth, because they can react with tartar and make the tartar and pigment fall off naturally, and the teeth will become whiter. This method worked quickly, and it is often used by models! But this method is not suitable for long-term use, because it will severely wear our teeth and affect the enamel.


Before each brushing, put the vinegar in your mouth for 3 to 4 minutes, and then spit it out. Our teeth will be a little sour during this process. Both white vinegar and mature vinegar are fine but do not use vinegar essence. This method works well, but it will also damage our enamel. It is recommended to do it once every two months.


Sprinkle some salt on the toothpaste or toothbrush every time you brush your teeth, which is the usual edible salt. Toothpaste sprinkled with salt will have very little or no foam when brushed, but this is a normal phenomenon! This method will be effective if you insist on it for about a month.




After brushing your teeth every time, dip a cotton pad, cotton swab, or gauze with lemon juice, and rub each tooth carefully for a period of time, the teeth will turn white! It should be noted that every part of each tooth must be rubbed, otherwise, the color of the teeth will be uneven the next day. You can also squeeze the lemon juice, hold it for 3-4 minutes before brushing your teeth, and then spit it out. This method can also whiten your teeth. But these two methods are not suitable for continuous use, just use occasionally.



Grind the dried orange peel into a powder, and then put it on toothpaste or toothbrush when brushing your teeth. If you persist for a while, your teeth will turn white and your mouth will be fresh. Since orange peels have the effects of burning and sterilizing, this method is helpful for burning under the gums and fixing.


Chewing crispy raw fruits and vegetables can reduce the residue of food pigments. They are like natural toothbrushes, which can fully rub the tooth surface without affecting the enamel. Chewing raw peanuts is one example. Don’t swallow it when chewing. Use it as a toothbrush. During the chewing process, it will take away the dirt from your teeth and make your teeth white. Apples, celery, or carrots also have certain effects! Buy toothbrush and teeth accessories use NHS Discount and Amazon Voucher Code at NHS Discount Code


Chewing sugar-free xylitol gum after a meal can prevent dental plaque and play a role in moth prevention. Xylitol can also balance the acid-base balance in the mouth and promote salivation, cleaning the mouth and the gap between teeth. And while chewing gum, it can also exercise our facial muscles, shape a more perfect facial curve, and kill two birds with one stone!


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