Karma During Covid 19 Pandemic

Karma During Covid 19 Pandemic


Karma’s fruit lies in man’s own hands. Whatever a man does, he gets the same result. The fruit of karma is the result of efforts made to achieve something. The same is stated in science every action has a reaction. Whatever action man does he will get the reaction to it.  The current coronavirus is also the result of some human action.


It is said in Gita man has the right to act in his actions and not in result. You will necessarily get the fruit of your deeds. You should not worry about the result of your deeds. But the truth is we all are more careful and centered towards the result, not actions.


If we do not get the expected result from our deeds it is ok to feel bad about it but without deviating from our path. We should again start performing our actions. If we have not achieved the desired result this time, next time it will be achieved for sure. This is the mantra of Karma and the beginning of depression-free life.


Karma is sadhana, yoga, and worship. Karma is the basis of life as well as its edge. Therefore self-less karma yoga is the root of both knowledge and devotion. Because everything is possible with actions. Therefore it has been asked to fill the human mind with devotion to action.


Always focus and concentrate on your actions and not their fruit. But most of all human beings are focused on the result of action and not on efforts to be done to achieve the desired result. When you have not worked on actions how can you get the proper result? When you don’t get the desired result you start blaming the situation and sometimes cursing God. How can you get the proper results when you have not worked with full dedication?


Therefore our aim should always be to focus on our actions. And whatever result we get by performing our actions we should accept it. If we don’t accept what we have or what we got we will never be happy in our life.


As in the time of coronavirus, our duty or karma is to follow all guidelines.   


Always pay attention to your actions or karma, you will get the fruit automatically.


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