Winner is The One Who Doesn-t Lose Hope

Winner is The One Who Doesn-t Lose Hope


Hope is life. Hope plays an important role to deal with all situations and conditions in life. Hope is driven by the uncertain conditions we face in life. Hope makes it possible for us to apply our gained knowledge. Application of knowledge is the first step in direction of success. This is how hope is linked to success. Hope emerges from our actions and aspirations.


Hope is the driving force of life. Hope exists in both humans and animals. To understand hope best example is of Tom & Jerry cartoon. Tom the cat hopes to catch the mouse and jerry the mouse hopes to escape from jerry’s catch. Hope is important to live life. This is why you always hear the statement “hope for the best”.


Whatever be the situation is we should never lose hope. At last, the winner is who doesn’t lose hope. In the current situation also we should not lose our hope. We all are scared and stressed watching the current scenario. In fact, we should hope to defeat the virus by boosting our immunity, by practicing yoga and meditation, by following all safety guidelines. We should hope everything will be fine soon. Our life will be back to normal. Hope is necessary to keep our life moving with happiness. Without hope, our hearts will be full of sadness, fear, and anxiety.


Hope is important but the important cautions about hope which we should never forget are


  • Always have moderation and intelligence in your aspirations. Unfair and unjust hope leads to despair.
  • There is no hope without a vision. First set goals in life and then hope to achieve them with your knowledge and efforts. Sitting at the dinner table and hoping the food will go automatically in your mouth is not “hope”.
  • Don’t allow fear to drop off hope. Fears like a failure or bad performance shift focus from looking at the positive side to the negative side. Focus on positive sides for positive hope.
  • Always have faith and trust. Your faith is directly linked to hope.


In the current situation, we can see many people are hesitating to take vaccine shots. This is due to lack of hope and trust that vaccine is for their good. They are afraid of the side effects of the vaccine. They have no faith and trust in doctors, scientists, and their relatives and friends. This lack of trust is stopping them to take the vaccine. When there is no trust there is no hope. This is why the above factors are important to understand about hope.


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