5 Instant Mood Enhancers

5 Instant Mood Enhancers


Life keeps alternating between happy and sad moments. Sometimes life gives us happy moments of love and laughter. While sometimes it gives us sad moments of depression and sorrow. The first moment fills our heart with joy while the second one fills our heart with regret. This is what life is and we should be capable to deal with both moments.


When we face bad moments we start doubting ourselves. Our mind starts indulging in criticism and we think how ridiculous we are. We think we are good for nothing. We keep blaming ourselves. And the actual truth subsides deep down in our hearts. Whenever we deal with difficult situations deep down in our hearts we know our strength, we know we can do this but this feeling subsides with negative thoughts. We start believing we are good for nothing.


All of us are fighting our own battle. But when we particularly face bad moments we start criticizing and cribbing.  Why me? Why this is happening to me? I am dealing with the worst. The truth is we all are dealing with something or the other. We face hard times and we know to deal with them. Think that you are not the only one facing a bad situation. Everyone is facing something or other and dealing with it. Think I will face this and come over it like all others. This is the first thing to boost yourself and gain confidence in difficult times.


Here are some quick and easy ways around us that instantly boosts our confidence to deal with difficulties:


  • Write your thoughts:


The common thing about bad moments is negative thoughts start running in our minds. They flood our minds. The best to deal calm yourself down is to start writing your thoughts. Take a pen and paper and start writing. Don’t hesitate in writing silly thoughts. Whatever comes to your mind write it on paper. Dr.R.K.Suri says writing your thoughts is the best way to calm yourselves and analyze your thoughts.


  • Listen to music


Listening to music is the best therapy to calm ourselves and bring us back to normal. If there is a tsunami of thoughts coming into your mind and you don’t know how to deal with it. Start listening to the music of your choice. Music is an instant mood enhancer and has the power to change your low mood to normal. If you can’t do anything to help yourself start listening to music and I am sure no one hates music.


  • Go for walk


Nature has the power to heal your mind and soul. If constant thoughts are bothering you go for walk to calm your mind and soul.


  • Meditation:


Meditation enhances the power to control your thoughts. When you find yourself unable to deal with bad moments start meditating. A simple meditation to calm yourselves is deep breathing. Start taking short deep breaths to calm down.


  • Talk to friends and family


Friends and family are the ones with whom you can talk your heart without hesitation. Whatever you are feeling, whatever is going on in your mind share with your friends and family. Talking with people enhances mood and brings solutions.  If you have fear of getting judged there is a place called talktoangel you can talk with professionals here to share your problems and find solutions.


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