Do You Accept Coin- Inner Peace Story by Buddha

Do You Accept Coin- Inner Peace Story by Buddha


One day Gautum Buddha was sitting calmly and resting when a Brahmin came and started abusing him. The Brahmin thought Buddha will reciprocate the same to him. To his surprise, Buddha did not react at all. Brahmin got confused and thought he might have not listened. So he again started abusing Buddha more. This time also Buddha was unaffected by his behavior.


In fact, he can see the expression of sympathy on Buddha’s face. Brahmin got furious and asked Buddha I am abusing you badly why you are not reacting to it. How can you sit calmly when I am abusing you badly?


Gautum Buddha smiled and said I don’t know whom you are abusing but I have not accepted any abuse from you. The abuse is with you. Brahmin wondered and asked how this is possible? I am abusing continuously and you are hearing it. Buddha said, yes you are abusing but I have not accepted any abuse. When I have not accepted anything why will I react?


Confused Brahmin said only you are sitting here and I have poured all my anger on you. How it is possible that you have not accepted it. I don’t understand this “acceptance”.


Buddha explained if you give coins to someone and he does not accept the coins then the coin remains with you. Brahmin agreed. Similarly, when you were abusing me and I have not accepted it the abuse remains with you.


When I have not accepted your abuse why I will be angry or mad with you. Brahmin understood his mistake and asked forgiveness.


This is the importance of inner peace in your life. If you learn to remain calm you will not be affected by what others say about you. Many times we lose our calm and indulge in arguments or fight with people. Fight and arguments disturb your inner peace.


If you will not learn to be calm you will not be relaxed and focused. Always remember this life mantra, you know who you are and what you are doing. So don’t accept any abuse from people around you. If someone says bad about you let it be. Do not lose your inner peace and calm. People abuse can never bother you unless and until you accept those abuses.


According to Dr.R.K.Suri  inner peace helps you


  • To be focused

  • To be emotionally and mentally strong

  • To eliminate stress and worry

  • To improve relationships

  • To eliminate negative thoughts

  • To handle difficult situations

  • To increase strength


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