Are We Actually Thinking in Right Direction

Are We Actually Thinking in Right Direction


We humans have a tendency of giving less importance to things that are easily available to us. More expensive things get more value according to general human behavior. It is good to value expensive things but my concern is about valuing only expensive things. Deciding the importance or value of anything only on basis of money, this point of view is not right.  For example, we generally give more attention to gold as compared to food. Why? because gold is expensive than food.  But for real food is more important as compared to gold.


Similarly, if we compare water and food, we give more importance to food because food is expensive as compared to water. Water is available for free also. But for real we can live without food for days but not without water. Next, if we compare water and air, we give less importance to air as compared to water because air is completely free. But for real air is so important that we can live without water for a day but not without air for a few minutes.


In real the importance order should be air>water>food>gold and we know this but still, the importance order is in descending order. In today’s life, we all have degraded our ability to think logically. In fact, this meaningful vision of ours is improper but still, we give importance to this ‘more pricy more important' behavior.


In this conduct, we forget to think and decide about the importance of people or things that are eventually more important in our life. We don’t sit and think are we going on the right track.


During all the COVID chaos we see and hear news of people black marketing some COVID essentials. This breaks my heart. Do we even realize where are we going? We all need to stop and analyze our thinking process. We need to refresh our minds to think logically. We need to create awareness.


According to a survey conducted by psychologists in west delhi, people have stopped thinking logically. They are just running in a circle unaware of where to pause, break and stop. This is a matter of concern.


We need to understand that if we don’t change our behavior our situation will be the same as the King who was blessed with the power of turning anything into gold he touches. And that brought him to face a most difficult situation where his food was turned to gold. He was unable to eat food. Then he realized the importance of things and why we should think logically and not just give importance to things on basis of their price.


“It is evident that we need to change our thinking process”


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