How Thoughts Shape Your Life

How Thoughts Shape Your Life


Thoughts are an important part of life. Thoughts are the basis of your life. The way you execute your thoughts decides the outcome. That is why you often hear “think positive” because if you will think positively you will see a positive outcome. Similarly, negative thoughts will bring negative outcomes. Thoughts are a powerful and important driving source of your life.



Negative thoughts like fear and sadness bother you continuously. They bring worry and anxiety to your life. While positive thoughts like an accomplishment and belief in yourself bring happiness in life. They motivate you to keep moving forward in life. Positive thoughts make you strong.



The magic of life lies in thinking positively. Your thoughts shape your life. Positive thoughts will make you and negative thoughts will damage you. Many people ask me how can we think positively?  To this Dr.R.K.Suri says positive thinking is a practice, you need to practice it. Whenever you get negative thoughts in mind withdraw yourself from them. Get engaged in some other activity or start talking to someone but don’t let that negative thought stay in your mind. The more you practice withdrawing yourself from negative thoughts more you master the magic of life.



Your mind shapes your life the way you think. “Always focus on positive thoughts and reject negative thoughts”.



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