Why Patience is the Key to Fight This Battle?

Why Patience is the Key to Fight This Battle?


The current time is a time of problems for all. The whole world is fighting with COVID 19 pandemic. When there is a problem and negativity around we all feel low but this is the time to retaliate with patience and courage. We should not fear and give up but fight with strength.


To fight with patience is the key in this hard time. Patience will make us a winner and giving up will make us weak. So we all should focus on fighting this battle with patience.


I am focusing on Patience because in times of crisis decisions taken with patience tend to give positive results. Patience helps not to overpower negativity and hopelessness. While in absence of patience we can lose this battle. Lack of patience weakens our strength to fight. The current situation has negativity everywhere and in such a difficult time if we lose patience we lose our strength to fight.  Patience lights up positivity in our life. Patience makes us disciplined.


If we will keep our patience in this hard time our minds will be relaxed. We will not get impacted by negative news around us. A healthy mind is needed to fight any battle and in this situation, patience is going to make our mind healthy. Losing patience at this moment will make us lose our strength and momentum to fight the battle. We will deviate from our path, for example, we stop following safety precautions strictly. One small mistake and we will lose this battle. This is why keeping our patience is important.


“Keep up Patience to win this battle.”


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