6 Signs that you are Self-Criticizing

6 Signs that you are Self-Criticizing


You want to be the best and always do the right things. When you prefer doing the self-analysis, it can act as a tool for measuring the efforts and achievements that you had in your lives. It is a healthy way to observe your own behavior. It will also explain how to cope with the bad habits and weaknesses you are having. Self-criticism is managing you in a negative way and hence you need to wake up and observe its side effects that are affecting you.

It can affect your self-esteem and self-confidence. It will also make you think negatively about the environment which is around you. Now you may wonder about identifying self- criticism.

Here are the signs and symptoms of self-criticism:

  1. Blaming yourself for all the negative situations happening in your life:

You feel that you are personally responsible for all the things that are happening in your lives, especially the bad ones. You tend to ignore the other factors that are responsible for the things to happen. Some of you may take it to the extreme also.

  1. Always criticizing the self:

Making mistakes is a part of everyone's nature. But some of you think about your mistakes and everything in an overly negative manner. Like criticizing your appearance whenever you look in the mirror. If you always criticize yourself you tend to criticize others too often.

  1. You never enjoy anything:

You cannot sit without criticizing yourself and in a more severe manner others also. You don’t even enjoy the moments you are in and spend time criticizing only. When you think that you are following this, you need to change your thinking patterns.

  1. Focusing on the negatives in others:

It is quite easier to find faults in others and if you are self-criticizing you tend to find faults in others always.

  1. You are easily offended:

 You cannot take the criticism by other people and are easily offended by them. You cannot bear the fact that others are finding negatives in you.

  1. You have developed some kind of physical and mental disorders:

You have developed some kind of physical disorders like eating disorders and some severe mental disorders like narcissistic or paranoia.

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