6 Top Reasons to visit a psychologist

6 Top Reasons to visit a psychologist


There are some problems that do not qualify as severe mental illness and hence can be benefited from treatment. Mental health counseling can benefit people with emotional difficulties, life challenges’ and some mental health concerns. 


Therapy can help in the improvement of many mental health conditions. A therapist helps the people to gain a better understanding of their behavior, thought processes and convert their negative cognition in such a way that it will help them achieve their goals. Therapy will also help them cope with their symptoms. When we talk of medication and therapy, therapy works in a much better way. Medication will only eliminate some symptoms but therapy; apart from removing the symptoms give a long-term effect. It also teaches people how to take control of their symptoms and handle them on their own. These skills don’t end when therapy sessions end and benefit the person after the therapy also. It will make people less likely to come for therapy again.


Mental health issues are common these days. If they are not treated, their effects get worse which could lead a person to face difficulty in every field of life. 



  1. Inability to work or go to school

  2. Relationship difficulties or difficulty dealing with children’s

  3. Increased risk of other health issues

  4. Hospitalization

  5. Suicide which is done in the more severe cases


Therapy can help people look through issues that made them think of suicide. Suicide is usually the best option for people in crisis. A therapist may help you come out of the crisis through therapy.


Therapy offers a safe place to talk about your concern about life or your problems. These problems may be breakups, grief, parenting difficulties or family struggles, fights, or anger between couples. Eg- couple counseling helps you and your partner work through relationship troubles and learn new ways to relate with each other.


Reasons to visit Therapist/Psychologist


  1. You cannot talk about all your problems to your family and friends. Although a family can be a great support system in all they will give you advice. You can also sometimes hear negative statements from your friends and family members. They can also relate your problems to their own problems. This will shift their focus from your problem to their own. These issues can feel like feeling judged.                                                        

  2. Therapy sessions are a place where you can practice expressing your emotions. It is a place where you will explore yourself. You can practice your scary behaviors in front of the therapist and afterward in front of everyone.                                                                                                        

  3.  You want to focus on yourself. In therapy sessions, you are the subject matter. All focus is on you, you can go deeper and deeper in yourself, your thoughts, and feelings.                                                                                    

  4. Therapy can help you achieve your goals and set different steps to achieve them.                                                                                                  

  5. There is a link between mind and body. If you have any mental issues it will directly have an effect on your body. People in good mental health are more successful in dealing with physical problems. 

  6. Psychologists also help you in getting rid of your unhealthy habits like alcohol addiction, substance abuse, smoking. These habits are also used to escape a problem; a person is facing in his life.


Therapy not only helps in the treatment of serious problems but offers much more than that. It is a perfectly normal and valuable experience and works very well for people. 


Psychologists as mental health care providers play a major role in understanding biological, behavioral, and social factors that influence mental health and physical wellbeing. Dr. (Prof) R K Suri, the Senior Clinical Psychologist at Psychowellness Center, is a trained professional clinical psychologist, having more than 36 years of experience in all kinds of mental health issues and related therapeutic interventions.


Furthermore, TalkToAngel online mental health services under him put your needs first. They can help you with flexible appointments, personalized and customized intervention plans all at the tip of your fingers.



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