Benefits of marriage counseling

Benefits of marriage counseling


Marriage counseling also called couple therapy is a type of psychotherapy that emphasizes in improving relationship and conflict resolution. Best Marriage counselor believes in sessions involving both partners however they may wish to see each person separately as well.


The specific treatment plan  depend on the situation or problem which couple may be facing like marital problems, a tragedy in the family, or the effects of an illness (such as substance abuse or depression) on the couple etc. Each counseling session is designed to help individuals learn strategies and behavior for maintaining healthy relationship. If you are one facing some issues in your relationship and find it difficult to discuss with anyone go for a counseling session. Many times couple have problem like sexual issues, abusive behavior or financial matters which are difficult to discuss with friends and family.


Also some people don’t discuss any problem with friends or family because of fear of other being judgmental but you can discuss any type of issue with marriage or relationship counselor without fear of being judged. Marriage counselor is a professional with whom you can talk and discuss any personal issue. If you want to save your relationship here are the benefits of visiting marriage counselor:


Conflict Resolution:


It’s not necessary that two individuals agree with each other every time, there are time when both will have different opinion and choices. When it’s start of relationship or marriage people are ok with different opinion and choices as love is blossoming but after pace of time conflicts start arising leading to arguments, discussion and fights. A marriage counselor teach you conflict resolution techniques and make you practice them to have better communication, understanding and processing of each other’s thoughts, views or opinion.


Know how to convince you rpartner for marriage or relationship counselling


Sexual Problems:


Many times reason for problem in relationship is sex, both partners are unable to talk openly about sex with each other this is where counselor comes into action. A counselor listen to sexual problems experienced by couple and help them grow lost intimacy and love. According to Dr. R.K Suri best marriage counselor in delhi, sexual problems generally faced by couple include lost of interest, no time for sex, no understanding of what other partner want, unable to talk openly with each about sex.


Focus on blind spot:


No person is perfect and visiting a counselor will help you identify your behavior which needs to be changed for better relationship with your spouse. A Counselor observe and analyze your behavior to let you know about your blind spots. Once he knows that he guides you on how you can improve on your part to make your relationship a happy one.


Effective communication:


Dr R.K Suri says that many time he come across couples who don’t express what they feel to their spouse thinking they may hurt their spouse’s feeling, sometimes they fear of sounding demanding so they don’t express what they wish for or sometimes they thinking that their words may arise a conflict or argument so it’s better to stay quite. A relationship counselor helps you learn art of being assertive so that you can express yourself freely.


Positive and realistic mindset:


In resolving problems counselor makes you learn positivity by showing that how effectively and without any conflict you can resolve your issues. In sessions you learn to work on problems together. You have learned to acknowledge and resolve problems effectively which turns you to have a positive and realistic mindset.


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