How to convince your partner for marriage counselling?

How to convince your partner for marriage counselling?


Does marriage counseling work positively? That’s a question is really big. The success of marriage counseling depends on the two people, their issues, interactions, and counselor experience. Marriage counseling is not counseling, it is a learning class in which how much you are willing to learn from your specialist to resolve your marriage issues. According to the research released by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, those couples who attained marriage counseling reported physical health and the ability to work efficiently and received more effective tools to deals with the relationships related problems.

If your spouse hesitating to attend marriage counseling and you are seeking for tips on how to convince him, you are in the right place. We are going to share with you some approaching tips. So, let’s get started.

Share the Benefits of Marriage Counselling with your spouse:

•    You will learn how to resolve conflict in a healthy manner.

•    You can easily share your point of view and get reliable suggestions from the counselor.

•    You will learn how to be assertive without any offensive. Which means you can easily communicate with each other without fearing of hurt other partner.

•    You will develop a better understanding of what his/her needs.

•    When there is an unequal level of issues, the counsellor will treat you and your spouse individually.

•    Whether it is finance, communication or intimacy issues, marriage counselor first understands your issues and then give you the best solutions to avoid problems.

Approach Your Partner Appropriately:

1 The first thing you have to tell your partner that you want to talk about something important that really help in your marriage issues. Then ask him/her this is a good time to talk. If he/she says yes, then share the benefits of marriage counseling and ensure him/her it will definitely work in your relationships. Keep in mind, your partner perspective is very important. So, listen to him/her do research together and find the Best Marriage & Relationship Counsellor in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi.

2 Listen to their concerns: In case if he says that he doesn’t want to go and blurt out that “ I am not wasting my time and money” that time take a long breath and don’t argue with him and all you need is to do just listen to him. After listing his opinions, then share some live examples of married couples who reported that they improve their married life with the help of a counselor. Keep in mind, human nature believes in real life examples, so share some examples who got benefited from marriage counseling.

3 Voice your concerns calmly: When sharing details about the marriage counselor with your partner or sharing some real-life examples of other married couples. Always share in a low tone and healthy manner. Rude voice, arrogant, and violence can damage your relationship. So avoid it, even when your partner begins with hurtful words, you don’t have to do the same. Always stay calm, positive and give your partner time to come around.

I have saved for the last:

You may feel that there is no more hope in your marriage at the same time love is still exists somewhere between you are your partner. Then without thinking much, go with your partner to the Top Counselling for Marriage & Relationship in Delhi understands what is good for you and makes efforts to restore and rebuild your marriage through their counseling sessions.