If there is a relationship there are problems, there is no relationship without ups and downs says relationship counselor Dr R.K Suri by his experience of guiding people. Fights, stress likes, dislikes and difference of opinions are common things in relationship and there is no relationship where there is no problem. So there is no relationship which is perfect it’s you who can make it “perfect” or you can make it “break”.

At the start of relationship it’s a fairy tale of happily ever after but relationships need constant maintenance to remain healthy. Today’s stressful world is identified by lack of patience, wrong expectation, busy lifestyle and more accessibility to outside world of friends, in such a scenario a relationship needs to be nurtured constantly or else it always end up in Break up. To avoid break ups or relationship stress it’s necessary to maintain balance in relationship.


Most common relationship issues are:

Lack of communication or no communication

Negative or inconsistent communication

Anger, Arguments, Frustration or Embarrassment

Sexual Issues

Unfaithfulness both physical and emotional

Lack of quality time

Dominating personality

Financial secrets

Disrespect, Abusive language

According to Dr.R.K Suri, best counselor in delhi couples should go for counseling if they notice continuous red flags or bumps in their relationship. Relationship counseling is used as a methodology to improve communication, sharing of feelings, listening with empathy, and rekindle same respect, trust and love that couple had in beginning of relationship.

A counselor listens to all problems and help couple by focusing on understanding, behaving maturely and giving tips on good relationship. Each session with counselor is based on an agenda and suggestion to improve behavior towards each other.

Why counseling is important?

Major problem in relationship arises because of communication, either no communication or negative communication so when you go for counseling a counselor listens to both partners and their problems individually. A counselor listens to you both individually with patience, now you have someone who is listening and understanding your problems. In short you get to explain your problems to someone who understands how to fix your problems. After listening to both partners a counselor analyze your relationship and start explaining and giving rules to be followed on daily basis for betterment of relationship. The therapist or counselor employ different techniques, exercises and tools in session depending on issues which couple seek assistance in. Adjusting skills, working action, respect, reduce friction are worked upon in following sessions in relationship counseling.

If you are experiencing problems or issues in relationship than don’t waste time and seek relationship counseling for saving your relationship by best relationship counselor in delhi Dr.R.K Suri at psychowellnesscenter.