11 Common Symptoms of Depression and it-s effect on your life

11 Common Symptoms of Depression and it-s effect on your life


Depression is amongst the most common illness which not only affects you mentally but physically also. It also affects the well being of the person who is experiencing it. If left untreated it can have some negative effects on your mind and body. Common symptoms of depression include the following:


  1. There is a feeling of sadness and hopelessness that lingers with your day to day activities and it may be a sign of clinical depression.
  2. There is a lack of sleep or insomnia. You may be waking up at night. In some cases of depression, people have a lot of sleep, they keep on sleeping for the whole day. It simply means that they are not able to get comfortable and stop the thoughts which are going on in their mind.
  3. There are some changes in your memory. You may have difficulties in remembering the things or you may be having difficulties in making decisions on your own. In some cases of depression people experience difficulties in concentrating.
  4. People with depression are more likely to die from heart attacks.
  5. Depression tends to interfere with the day-to-day activities of your life which can also make you feel lonely. In children, it will make them stick to their routines and they may refuse to go to their schools.
  6. During depression there is an increased risk that people will hurt themselves and this can result in suicide attempts or suicide also.
  7. There are fluctuations in weight in depression. For some people, there is a loss of appetite and for some, there is an increase in appetite.
  8. There is an increased sensitivity to pain. Generally in depression, there is an increase in headaches and other muscular pains. These pains are also not subsided with the medications.
  9. Depression can often lead to fatigue. It may wipe out your energy and you may not work according to the needs of the day. And when you are suffering from insomnia, it may lead to fatigue on the other following days.
  10. There is a loss of sex when you are in depression. Depression affects the pleasure which you used to take in most of the activities including sexual activities. When you take antidepressants, it also has an effect on your libido and you have a loss of interest in sexual activity and pleasure.
  11. When you have depression, your immune system is affected and your body is not able to fight on with the diseases.


Depression is a condition in which there is a loss of everything, there is depletion basically. When it is left untreated, it can show many more symptoms than the ones mentioned above. It not only affects the way you feel and think but it also affects the way you smell and taste things. If a person has a major depressive disorder, then there is a dramatic change in life a person is living. 


Depression has its effects on the central nervous system which is very difficult to ignore, especially in adults and people who are in their old age. They have a difficulty in remembering and the reaction time in them also increases, according to the researches. People find it hard to put their feelings into words. They are suffering from memory issues like they are not able to concentrate on things and situations and they are also having difficulties in making decisions. This may be the reason why they are not able to follow the traffic rules and social rules.


The people with depression are filled with negative thoughts and these thinking patterns can make them suicidal in nature. This may be the reason why some people with depression are involved in alcohol abusive behavior.


It also affects the digestive system of the person involved because everyone has their own way to cope with the issues. Some may cope with overeating or binge eating and some may cope by having a good amount of food, there is a loss of appetite in them. This may lead to a situation in them which is called geriatric anorexia. Eating issues may lead to the following conditions:

  • Malnutrition
  • Constipation
  • Cramps
  • Stomach aches


This can be treated with medications and also taking the food good in carbohydrates may give you a temporary relief in the symptoms of depression.


Depression is also having its effects on the cardiovascular system and the immune system of the person involved. When you are in depression your heartbeats increase and the blood vessels get tightened, which lands you in a state of emergency. With time this can become a more severe condition like heart disease. Researches have said that people who are having the cardiovascular disease can also develop depression.


People with depression have a negative impact on their immune systems also. They become more prone to infections like cold and cough etc. it may also increase the inflammation in the body of the affected. Although the exact connection between them is not known and the researches are still going on.


People with depression are so much in overthinking that their thoughts may make them suicidal in nature and they may do suicide attempts. They may get involved in harming another person. But most of the time their focus is on their own self.


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