7 Weird Ways to Improve Decision Making Skills

7 Weird Ways to Improve Decision Making Skills


Life is all about taking the right decisions. Your life goes on by taking decisions like deciding about clothes, food, shopping, traveling, etc. But there are many intense decisions you have to take in life. At that time your decision-making plays an important role. One right decision and your life is all set, one wrong decision and your life is all off.


Making intense decisions is always challenging. When you have to choose between going left or right you get confused. You keep thinking about all pros and cons because one wrong decision can cost you a lot. So it is important to make wise decisions and for that, your decision-making skills should be good.


Here are 6 ways to improve your decision-making skills:


1.Analyze pro and cons:


The first and effective way of good decision-making is to write all the pros and cons of your decisions. Write all the positive and negative impacts of your decision. Calculate and analyze all the risk factors and benefits of your this or that decision.


2.Be social:


Connect with more and more people. The more you are connected with people more you know about different experiences. When you are familiar with different examples and experiences you will be able to take your decisions wisely.


3.Experimental cooking:


Do some experimental cooking on weekend or whenever you get time. When you are doing cooking experiments you have to be peculiar about all the ingredients. You have to be focused and concentrated. Cooking helps to build risk-taking capacity. Cooking helps you learn about staying focused which in turn helps in enhancing decision-making skills.




 Do regular exercise, yoga, or meditation. This will help you to stay in shape and relaxed. Relax mind helps in making good decisions.


5.Keep learning:


Never stop your learning. Always engage yourself in learning things like new software, new tools, new techniques, etc. Learning keeps your mind active always and an active mind takes good decisions.


6.Spend time with grandparents:


Experience counts. Spend some time of your day with grandparents or old peoples. Their experience and stories always make you learn new perspectives of life. This is one of the best ways of improving decision-making skills.




Never forget to spend time on your hobbies. Sparing time on your hobby elevates your mood and increases concentration which is good for decision making.


Also, never hesitate in seeking help from others or discussing your decisions with experienced people. This will help you in taking the right decisions.


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