How Spiritual Power Boosts Strength to Fight

How Spiritual Power Boosts Strength to Fight


Humans are blessed with two powers - spiritual power and physical power. Spiritual power is considered to be strong in two.  So people with dominating spiritual power never lose any battle of life despite having less physical power. That is why it is necessarily important that humans are endowed with spiritual power.


To fight the currently prevailing COVID crisis spiritual power should be increased. To increase spiritual power suitable diet and yoga practice should be enhanced. Proven past results show that people with strong spiritual power could fight COVID better compared to people with good physical power. It has been observed that most people with strong physical power were unable to fight COVID strongly due to no or less spiritual power.


Spiritual power increases self-confidence by itself. Then it becomes easy to conquer big resolutions. Even impossible becomes possible with strong self-confidence.


Eklavya is a true example of self-confidence and spiritual power. Despite being rejected by Guru Dronacharya as his disciple, Eklavya managed to learn archery by making a statue of Dronacharya. He gained archery knowledge which Arjun lacked despite being Dronacharya's disciple. This is the potential of spiritual power.


Self-confidence does not remain the same always. By increasing psychic force it can be raised. Friends, parents, and well-wishers play important role in motivating and increasing the self-confidence of a person. Just like Jamwant reminded Hanumana of all his powers while they were finding Mata Sita in Ramayan.


Similarly, we all should act like Jamwant for each other in this hard COVID time. We should keep motivating and influencing people around us to fight this battle with confidence. We all should work upon and build strong spiritual power to defeat COVID.


Strengthen your spiritual power to help yourself, friends, and family to defeat COVID!


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