5 Parameters of Happiness

5 Parameters of Happiness


When the great king Alexander was on his death bed he made three wishes.


First, “My doctors should carry my coffin


Second, “The path to my grave should be all covered with gems, stones, gold, and silver


Third, “My hands should hang out of my coffin


On asking by general about three strange wishes, the king replied:


“I want to let people know that all my life I spend in conquering kingdoms, wealth, and treasures. Today when I am lying on my death bed I have realized that all my wealth and treasures are of no use. I am lying helpless on my death bed”.


 I want to make people understand by my wishes that


First, “death is inevitable no doctor in this world can save you from death so never take your life granted”.


Second, “I cannot take any gold, silver, or stones with me. I spent all my life in greed to earn more and more but I cannot take anything with me”.


Third,” I come empty hand in this world and I am going empty hand”.


So you should never consider power and wealth as parameters of happiness. Happiness lies in what you do for others, how helpful you are, it lies in your gratitude.


You often mistake happiness with money and power so here are 5 parameters of happiness:




Express gratitude to parents, teachers, and well-wishers for making you what you are today. Share your joy and happiness with people around you without expecting anything in return. A good heart neither blames anyone for failures nor expects credits for success.




Help anyone in need and in return you will get a feeling of true appreciation. This feeling of appreciation is the ultimate happiness. Nothing can beat the happiness that you get by helping others. If you receive people’s appreciation you are happy.




In this busy world, people have no time for each other. The major thing which lacks in the life of many is the absence of anyone who can listen to them. Listen to the problems, worries, and concerns of people. If you have someone who listens to you, you are happy.




If there exists a person who has empathy for you, you are happy because this world lacks people who will understand you, your low feelings, and distress. Many of your friends or well-wishers will flee when you will be in need of a shoulder to rest upon.




Sacrifice is not the toughest thing to do for anyone. But if there exist people who can sacrifice their comfort just to make you shine you are the happiest being in this whole world.


Real happiness does not lie in what you have, it lies in what you do for others and the love you get in return. These are your true treasures.


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