Why Imbibe Determination in Life

Why Imbibe Determination in Life


Once there was a man who used to listen to spiritual and motivational speakers a lot. He wanted to leave the path of greed and move to the path of honesty, peace, faith, and spirituality. He used to attend different spiritual discourse, motivational seminars to follow path of spirituality. After attending these seminars he felt energetic and excited to follow what he learned. But this steep of excitement never brought any changes in his behavior. He wanted to preach what he learned in seminars but he never succeeded in preaching his learning.



What do you think why he was unable to preach his learning? Why he was lacking behind? Where he missed? Like you, he was also searching for the answer to why is he unable to incorporate his learning in behavior and life. To know the answer he asked the Guru itself to which the guru said “Determination”, you are lacking determination. He was surprised determination!



To make him understand guru asked him where do you live and how you reach there? The man replied’ I live 3 km from here and reach home by walking. Guru again asked can you go home just by imagine going there, he laughed and said you must be joking, how I can reach home just by imagination. I have to start walking to reach home. Guru smiled and said here is your answer.  You have knowledge, command, and understanding, you know what efforts to be made to achieve goals but if you will not apply this you will never be able to achieve it. Just like without walking you cannot reach home.



If you have the knowledge you need to bring it into your behavior to be a better man. You can only achieve this by strong determination and efforts. Without determination, you will never be able to incorporate and apply your learning in different situations in life.



Determination makes you march fearlessly towards your goals till you achieve them. It makes you strong to overcome all obstacles. Whenever you try to give up it is your strong determination that gives you the courage to revive your desires.



You can gain knowledge from gurus and books but can imbibe that in your life with determination.



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